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Here's What Coco Jones Is Up To 9 Years After 'Let It Shine'

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Every ‘90s and 2000s kid who grew up watching Disney Channel definitely had a favorite DCOM or series they’ll always be wildly nostalgic about. For Raven-Symoné stans, there are the first two Cheetah Girls flicks, and Lovatics will forever keep Princess Protection Program and Camp Rock close to their hearts. But fans of Let It Shine — yet another popular musical DCOM packed with so many talented rising stars — may be wondering what happened to its beloved cast after the movie premiered in 2012. More specifically, what is Coco Jones from Let It Shine up to these days?

The former Disney Channel darling has been doing a lot over these last nine years — and so have her former castmates, actors Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) and Brandon Mychal Smith (Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral). But Jones’ performance as Roxie in Let It Shine was particularly unforgettable because it showcased both her phenomenal acting and singing talents. So it makes sense that you’re wondering why Jones' mega-powerful pipes aren't dominating airwaves with the likes of other talented songstresses from her generation of child stars. Well, you’ll be relieved to hear Jones is still doing it all: starring in TV shows, making new music, and even spilling piping-hot tea on social media. Keep reading to find out what exciting stuff the 23-year-old performer has going on lately.

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Coco Jones Has Been Releasing New Music

Let it Shine was Jones’ big break, and it also revealed how big of a voice the songstress has — so naturally, nine years later, her musical ability is as amazing as ever, if not even better. Describing her artistry as a combination of pop’s “fresh” sound and R&B’s “soulfulness,” the singer-songwriter independently put out an eight-track album in 2019 called H.D.W.Y. (which stands for "He Don't Want You"). Then, in November 2020, she gifted her stans a trap-inspired R&B bop called “Hollyweird,” which was (you guessed it) all about Jones’ experience trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Although no one is certain of when the singer will be releasing more new music, she’s always posting photos in the studio — so it’s obvious she’s been grinding away at something great! However, until then, you can mellow out to her music on Spotify and YouTube.

Coco Jones Is Still Acting In Lots Of TV Shows & Movies

During her early days, Jones appeared in not only Disney Channel's Let It Shine, but also So Random! and Good Luck Charlie. But after parting ways with the network, she landed roles in numerous other shows and indie films — most notably Facebook Watch's Five Points, which also starred fellow Disney Channel alums Hayley Kiyoko and Madison Pettis. Most recently, she stole the show in Netflix's 2020 comedy horror Vampires vs. the Bronx. (Oh, and Jones even made an appearance on Disney+'s Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along, where she performed songs from Let It Shine... I was all in my feels!)

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Coco Jones Is Super Active On YouTube, TikTok, And Instagram

Jones may have started out on TV like many of her former Disney Channel peers, but these days, she actually has a huge presence and following on social media, where she frequently connects with her fan base. On TikTok, where she has over 1.2 million followers, her heavenly song covers regularly go viral — and she's remixed everything from Ariana Grande's "positions" to Justin Bieber's "Peaches."

However, YouTube is where she lets her walls down most. Known for keeping things real — but always making her stans laugh their butts off — Jones regularly uploads storytime videos where she spills tea on everything from dating horror stories to toxic friendships. But one of her most popular videos dives into some of the difficulties she's faced during her entertainment career — like getting dropped from Disney's Hollywood Records and dealing with colorism and racism in the industry.

It's been nine years since the world fell in love with Jones' raw talent and energetic personality in Let It Shine. Yet, over these last few years, in particular, it's been awesome to see the Disney Channel veteran grow into her own artistry as an entertainer — and, just as importantly, speak her truth about real issues in Hollywood. Jones always says what needs to be said, and whatever she has going on next, we're so here for!