Clubhouse Was So Successful, It Already Has A New Sister House, Y'all

YouTube/clubhouse next

The next big thing in TikTok collectives is upon us. In less than 30 days, Daisy Keech really made her mark on the social media world by rounding up a variety of influencers to help get her idea of clubhouse off the ground. Now, a sister house of the clubhouse — clubhouse next— is gearing up to take over the internet. If you're wondering what clubhouse next is, there's some important information to know.

The five members of clubhouse next are Jessica Belkin, Ahlyssa Marie, Michelle Wozniak, Dylan Shogo, and Rad Shogo. Together, the five unique personalities make quite the energetic team.

On April 6, Ahylssa — the house manager — took fans on a tour of clubhouse next's flawless Los Angeles mansion. "More exciting announcements coming very soon!" she teased at the time.

Since then, the group has produced seven YouTube videos including pranks they've pulled on each other to a game of "never have I ever." The videos gave fans a little more insight into who each member is personally, and made it clear clubhouse next is a must follow on all social media platforms. Clubhouse next already has almost 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.

You can check out the full "Never Have I Ever" video below.

In less than a month, clubhouse next has already gained 340,000 followers on TikTok, where they have 5.4 million likes. The collective takes on dance challenges, comedy bits, and entertains fans with their hilarious antics. On Instagram, clubhouse next has 18,000 followers already.

While the OG clubhouse is full of internet celebs who have been navigating social media fame for quite some time, the clubhouse next group brings a fresh, young, and edgier vibe to the clubhouse franchise.

It appears Jay Laurent — the coordinator of the original clubhouse — is also involved with clubhouse next, according to his Instagram bio. While he doesn't disclose his exact affiliation with clubhouse next, Laurent most likely aids in helping the up-and-coming TikTokers produce their content.

While there is still so much to learn about clubhouse next, from the looks of it, the group will continue to dish out details of their collective in videos and social media posts as they make their mark as internet celebs.