Taylor Swift's Newest Single Is About To Drop & It Sounds Super Emotional

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift just announced she's dropping another single off of Reputation Thursday evening at midnight called "Call It What You Want." The singer announced the song in three Instagram posts that seem to feature some of the lyrics. So what is "Call It What You Want?" Is it a love song? Is it a heartbreak song? If her Instagram posts do indeed feature some of the lyrics, they sound super emotional.

Just minutes before Swift made the announcement on her Instagram, ABC announced it would be showcasing the "world premiere performance" of a song during its TGIT lineup next Thursday, Nov. 9. The Scandal Twitter account posted a short video that shows a large house by the ocean. Could it be Swift's Rhode Island beach home? The video shows a shot of the house and then cuts to the interior where a piano is sitting in a large room. Then, you see what we assume to be Swift's hands at the piano as she starts to play. We only get to hear literally one short chord, but if this is the announcement Swift chose to make with TGIT, it seems like the song will be more instrumental than the previous Reputation releases.

It's also not clear if the "world premiere performance" ABC is referring to is a performance of "Call It What You Want" or an entirely new Taylor Swift song that will be released next week, but seeing as Swift announced the upcoming arrival of the new song just minutes after ABC made its announcement, I would say the "world premiere performance" we're going to see will likely be Swift performing "Call It What You Want." It might even be the music video for the song. We'll have to wait and see!

Swift posted three Instagrams announcing the upcoming release of "Call It What You Want."

The caption for all three of the posts read, "Call It What You Want. Midnight Eastern," but each photo shows the possible song lyrics written as if on a typewriter.

The first post says, "Holding my breath, Slowly I said, 'You don't need to save me.'" The second is just the song title handwritten by Swift, "Call It What You Want." And the third post says, "'But would you run away with me?' '... Yes.'"

The Scandal Twitter account tweeted a video announcing TGIT will be debuting the "world premiere performance" of one of Swift's new songs.

Good Morning America also announced Thursday morning that "Call It What You Want" will be performed by Swift during Scandal (probably not during the show itself, but in lieu of a commercial break).

And then an extended version of the performance will air the next day, Friday, Nov. 10, on Freeform. The entire Reputation album comes out Friday, Nov. 10 at midnight.

Fans are absolutely freaking out over the announcement that "Call It What You Want" is coming out Thursday at midnight (technically Nov. 3, but details, details).

And of course, they've already made a "Call It What You Want" meme.

Swift has held secret Reputation listening parties for a group of hand-selected fans, and Swifties who didn't snag an invite are begging them to drop some hints about what we can expect from the song.

Fans who apparently attended one of the secret listening parties are revealing some info about "Call It What You Want," saying it's basically a "romantic 'All Too Well.'"

"All Too Well" is viewed by many to be Taylor Swift's greatest song. The lyrics are super nuanced and complicated, detailing how it feels to remember the best parts of a relationship "all too well" after the relationship is over. The song is mostly about the heartbreak you feel when you can still remember the good things about a failed romance. If what fans are saying is true and "Call It What You Want" is basically the romantic version of the heartbreaking "All Too Well," then we can expect the song to be emotional AF.