You Can Actually Order A SPICY Version Of This Popular Pickle Sandwich, & I'm Drooling

With the advent of social media, people have become much more attuned to food trends and new kinds of food mashups all over the world. If you're a food fanatic like I am, this is a good thing. It means I sometimes end up eating food and meals I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams — like avocado fries, bacon donuts, and macaroni and cheese burgers. One such food innovation that piqued my interest recently has all the fixings of a classic sandwich with one major twist. So, what is a Pickle Sandwich? Elsie's sandwich shop in New Jersey is innovating one of the most classic meals.

There are quite a few options when it comes to guessing what might be the exact recipe for a pickle sandwich. Is it just a sandwich with pickles in it? Is it a sandwich made only with pickles? Is it a sandwich with different kinds of pickle flavors? The real answer is even better than all those guesses. Everything about an Elsie's Pickle sandwich has elements of regular sandwiches — guests can get an Italian with ham, salami, and provolone, or a falafel sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. But all of Elsie's Pickle Sandwiches swap out the bread for giant pickles which is what makes them a unique meal or snack for any occasion.

In an email to Elite Daily, Katherine Cohen, a co-owner of Elsie's (Cohen owns the New Jersey shop with her husband, Chad Jordan), shares that the Pickle Sandwich has been around since 2015. This unique 'wich won't break the bank either, since the sandwiches all cost between $8.50 and $9.50. Though the shop's only location is currently in Haddon Township, New Jersey, Cohen says there are plans for expansion and possible franchise opportunities in the works (!!!). The fact that Elsie's might be coming to a town near you is a huge deal, because the shop doesn't ship the Pickle Sandwiches out. Due to high costs and the inability to guarantee the integrity of the sandwich upon delivery, the only way to eat a classic Elsie's Pickle Sandwich right now is by heading to the New Jersey shop or by catering your event with Elsie's, according to a Facebook post.

The Elsie's menu contains several sandwich options and combinations, so there's truly a perfect flavor for everyone. According to Cohen, each sandwich is made with a seven-inch kosher dill pickle or a made-in-house spicy pickle for extra flavor and a kick. (Honestly, a spicy pickle sandwich might be the ultimate bite.) To fill the pickle buns, guests can choose from a variety of speciality sandwiches, like Homage to Katz, The Harold, and the Italian. Or they can opt for roll-ups like the Philadelphia Roll, the Oaklyn Roll and a classic Italian. You could even make your own sandwich with meat, cheese, veggies, and condiments. According to a Facebook comment on by the shop on Facebook, the pickles and chips used in the sandwiches are both gluten free.

There isn't much I wouldn't do for delicious food, but I usually find that I draw the line at crossing state borders to get a good meal. Elsie's may change that though, because I'm seriously considering a trip to the East Coast to get my hands on these bad boys. BRB, going to go eat all the pickles in the meantime.