Here’s What You Can Expect When Two People Of The Same Sign Hookup

by Rosey Baker
Clique Images

When two people with the same zodiac sign hook up, they'll find that their good and "less good" characteristics are magnified. And because every relationship is a mirror of your own characteristics, the future of the relationship will depend on how willingly you can accept seeing your own faults reflected back at you.

What do I mean specifically? Here's what you can expect to find if you get into a relationship with someone who has your own zodiac sign.

Aries And Aries

One thing you can be sure of is there will be very little downtime.

These two will fall in love, and they'll fall fast. They won't feel frustrated by the stupid games all the other signs waste time playing with one another.

But it's a tough match because both Aries are hot-headed and have a tendency to blame the other person when things go wrong.

With no one to play the adult in the relationship, it's more likely to crash and burn, or else resemble a boxing match that goes on so long both fighters just pass out.

Nobody wins.

Taurus And Taurus

Taurus has a one-track mind, so if you happen to both be on the same track, then you can count on a stable future, with a gorgeously decorated home and a beautiful life -- at least on Instagram.

Even the most compatible Taurus couple will have some trouble with compromise, given the fact that the sign is so stubborn, so there will be a lot of standoffs between the two, and one will have to give in.

At the end of the day, their joint love of sensual pleasure can keep them together, but not without some struggles along the way.

Gemini And Gemini

This is one of the few matches that really seems to be more compatible, especially compared to when Gemini hooks up with a different sign.

The chatty Geminis can go all day talking, joking, and outwitting one another, with their love of debate carrying them through any arguments.

The trouble might come in settling down to cultivate a home life, but if that isn't of importance to either Gemini, then who cares? They could last forever just keeping things casual.

Cancer And Cancer


Well, if this isn't the saddest invitation to a weep-fest, then I don't know what is.

Talk about a moody duo.

When put together, these two have more sensitivity than a millennial with a toothache.

That said, they'll stay together for a long time, because they see this relationship as a haven from the harsh outside world.

They'll want to protect one another, and they'll feel protected by each other.

But this can lead to some pretty codependent attitudes, and an overall lack of independence in the relationship could kill it.

Too much of a good thing isn't necessarily a good thing.

Leo And Leo

This one's a hot match, but the flames are volatile.

After all, there's not enough room in the spotlight for two stars, and neither Leo will be willing to take the backseat.

However, the chemistry will be insane, and the relationship is likely to take off so passionately that it won't be until after marriage that they realize maybe they aren't getting everything they want.

Both Leos will need a lot of attention. There just isn't enough attention in the world for either of them to be fully satisfied.

That said, mutual respect, and a sh*tload of really good sex could keep them together.

Virgo And Virgo

When I think of two Virgos together, I picture a lifetime of yoga classes and crushing to-do lists.

This couple could definitely last, as they both are service-oriented and probably have multiple ways to make one another swoon with simple tasks, like taking out the trash or doing the dishes.

The only thing that could really impede their success is if they allow petty criticisms to creep in and take over.

It could kill the passion in the relationship, and even worse, it might make the other person feel they aren't appreciated for all they do.

Libra And Libra

This is another couple that may work better together than with any other sign.

Libras know how to cultivate balance in a relationship, and they'll do an incredible job of compromising with one another to make sure they both have their needs met.

The only trouble is the relationship could take on a kind of bartering quality to it.

Remember, love isn't currency. There's a balance to being obsessed with balance. Love is something you're supposed to be able to give away for free.

Scorpio And Scorpio

The sex will be incredible, transformative, and downright insane.

The Scorpio-Scorpio bond has pretty much everything you'd see in an action/romance movie: It's got dangerous passion and mysterious intrigue, and literally no ability to function in the real world.

In order to live in the real world together, you'd have to take breaks from the bedroom, and that's just not a possibility for these two.

They should have their own porn category.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius


These two will probably meet at some spiritual retreat or maybe at something like a film festival.

They're a fantastic team, always coming up with things to do together: bike riding, hang-gliding, pilot lessons.

It'll be a non-stop adventure, and it won't slow down until someone asks, "Hey, where is this all going?"

Maybe just avoid that conversation, and you'll find yourselves in a non-committal, committed relationship that'll still manage to work even 50 years down the line.

Capricorn And Capricorn

Capricorns are realists, and they are practical as hell.

They approach a relationship the same way they would approach a business partner. They look for the flaws, and they work with them to create a successful, stable enterprise.

While that might not sound like the most romantic union you could imagine, it often leads to a good one.

Just be sure your ambition doesn't take precedence over your relationship all the time.

Aquarius And Aquarius

Two peas in an oddball pod.

Aquarians give each other the amount of space and freedom they need to thrive as human beings, and when they work together, they can benefit their fellow humans, too.

Their humanitarian nature will lead them to do all kinds of charity work together, and it could even take them all over the world.

This relationship is a keeper.

Pisces And Pisces


Pisces' sensitivity and intuition allows them to communicate without so much as a word, and if they collaborate with one another creatively, they'll be destined to succeed.

They can get lost together in a world of artistic vision, but when it comes time to dealing with real life together, they could hit some real speed bumps.

Pisces isn't very concerned with the details of day-to-day living, so the two of them could end up bankrupt.

This is a sweet and sensitive combination that unfortunately lacks the practicality a successful relationship would need to survive.