4 Things That Change In A Relationship After You Both Say “I Love You”

Just about every second of a new relationship is leading up to the big moment when one of you musters up the courage to let the other know how you feel, using those three big words. Assuming the feelings are mutual, this is a relationship milestone you both will happily look back on. And things between you two are likely to change after you say I love you. Whether you realize it or not, it's impossible for things to stay the same as they were before. This is because true love implies a sense of duty to each other. What you want to do and what you should do in order to keep each other happy aren't always going to be the same thing. But once you love someone, it's important that you both are willing to compromise.

That being said, there are sure to be a ton of awesome things to come out you and your partner admitting you really love each other. If you think it could be time for you to let your bae know how you feel, then make sure you're ready for your relationship to evolve.

1. Your Expectations Will Likely Increase

Being in love and finally letting your partner know how you feel is one of the most satisfying feelings. But it's also important to keep in mind that with love may come a slight amount of unavoidable pressure. Unlike before, you and your bae have acknowledged just how strong your feelings for each other are. This means that you have essentially taken on part of the responsibility of caring for each other, which can take much more effort than it did to casually date. Before saying "I love you," you're definitely going to want to make sure that you are ready to make someone else's as much a priority as your own.

2. You'll Be Connected At The Hip

Once you finally drop the "I love you" bomb, you're probably going to spend then next few weeks basking in the joy of having found each other. When you're not together, they'll likely be on your mind nonstop. You'll both be eager to check in with one another before making weekend plans and will regularly spend week-long stretches camped out at their place.

3. You Won't Feel Like You Need To Hide Your Flaws Anymore

The days of having to keep your flaws on lockdown will probably start to diminish. Once you know your feelings are mutual, you'll likely feel like you can finally relax a bit, because you're confident in how you feel about each other. From the little things, like not-so-hot morning breath, to the bigger things, like letting your partner know your deepest insecurities, you and your partner won't be scared of really getting to know everything about one another.

4. You'll Become Each Other's Priority

Now that love has entered the picture, the hours you've spent ruminating over what their true feelings are have finished. But in order to prove that your feelings go beyond puppy love, both of you are now expected to make decisions every day that reflect those feelings. This might mean that Saturdays become date night instead of always being girls night, or that you celebrate major holidays together.

Taking your relationship to the next level is definitely something to celebrate. But if you haven't quite reached the ILY milestone, there's no need to rush. Being in a mutually loving relationship certainly has its perks, but it also comes with its challenges. Before taking the next step, make sure you are ready to back up your words with action.

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