Here's What Marvel Fans Should Know About Misty Knight Before Binging 'Iron Fist' Season 2

by Ani Bundel

Mercedes Kelly "Misty" Knight first arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2016, when Luke Cage Season 1 debuted. A police detective stationed at the 29th Precinct Police Station in Harlem, she was part of the duo assigned to look into the criminal activities of Cottonmouth, owner of Harlem's Paradise. The investigation put her in direct contact with Luke Cage, a powered individual who uses his abilities to keep the peace in his section of the city, vigilante style. But since then Misty's broken out into the wider Marvelverse. What happened to Misty Knight in The Defenders? It turns out it was the key to her crossing over to other shows.

While Misty's time on Luke Cage was eventful, in the end, she walked out of things unscathed. Cage made sure of it, and it was Knight's testimony that kept the NYPD from arresting him for the death of Cottonmouth.

But Knight's luck didn't hold. When Luke came back after finishing out his sentence in Georgia at the beginning of The Defenders, it sucked her back into a world full of people with extra-abilities. She found herself attempting to question Jessica Jones, only to be cut off when Matt Murdock walked in as Jessica's self-appointed lawyer. Then Danny Rand walked in and got himself mixed up with whatever weirdness was happening down at One Midland Circle.


Before Knight knew it, she was rounding up the close friends of all four heroes to keep them safe from the Hand. But the problem with sidekicks is they don't stay seated when commanded. One in particular, Colleen Wing, made a good impression on Misty and convinced the police chief to return her katana.

When things started going down at Midland, Misty and her team rushed out there, only to discover Colleen and Claire Temple had also made their way to the building. Misty worked to buy time so the heroes could put a plan in place to take down the Hand. But Colleen's old teacher and nemesis, Bakuto, interrupted. When Misty stepped in to save Claire, she wound up having her arm sliced off. In retaliation, Colleen killed Bakuto, saving Misty from certain death.


This kind of bonding experience is the stuff friendships are made of. When Misty attempted to return to the force in Luke Cage Season 2, Colleen was the one helping her train and do physical therapy. She also offered to have Rand Enterprises make Misty a bionic arm to replace the one she lost. By the time Luke Cage's second season was over Danny had stopped by as well, cementing friendships between the four characters. As for Misty's new arm, it's impressive enough one could almost consider her a woman with super-powered abilities.

Marvel has revealed ahead of Iron Fist Season 2 the actress who plays Misty, Simone Missick, will be a featured guest actress in the new series. Fans can't wait to see Misty and Colleen team up, the way they do in the comics, perhaps even in preparation for their own spinoff series, Daughters of the Dragon.

All ten episodes of Iron Fist Season 2 arrive on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 7, 2018.