Kate in This Is Us

'This Is Us' Fans Are Worried About Kate For This Big Reason

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us Season 4 brought the production back to a format it's done once before: The Pearson Sibling Trilogy. Introduced in Season 2, this trio of episodes focus on a single day or two, each seen from a different character's perspective. With Randall, Kate, and Kevin all in separate parts of the country, each has a different life-changing moment, but still with moments of overlap, as they call each other or text. But "A Hell of a Week part 1" left fans asking what happened to Kate, as the show hints that not only would her present be upended, but viewers would see an echo of that in the past. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

The mid-season premiere of This Is Us left Kate in a painful quandary. After suspecting her husband of cheating on her, she discovered her instincts were right; he was pulling away. But it had nothing to with her or an affair. Instead, his issues were with his son, and his inability to see past his child's disability.

It was a horrible moment, a crisis point the couple may not come back from. But "A Hell of a Week Part One" suggested it wasn't the first time Kate had hit a crisis point.


This episode focused mainly on Randall and his life-long struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. But in the background on the "Teen Randall" years, another anxiety-ridden problem is brewing. Kate's relationship with Marc (who Kevin refers to as a "greaseball") is not going well, as her dramatic fights on the phone suggest. Randall insists she's probably fine. After all, this is how everyone talks on Dawson's Creek.

But Kate's issues take center stage just as teenage Beth has convinced Randall to try therapy. But before she can get him to go to a group counseling session focused on those dealing with grief, the phone rings. The Pearson family on their way, and going to be there to pick up Randall in 20 minutes.

When Randall asks what happened, Kevin won't say, other than something's happened to Kate, and he'll explain in the car.

The show did not return to that timeline for the rest of the hour, leaving fans worried. Something terrible has happened, but what? Is this "something" what blows up her relationship with Marc and sets her on the path to no longer speak to her mother?

Fans will hopefully learn what it is once the show gets to Kate's own "A Hell of a Week" episode. The question is, will viewers witness one crisis or two.