Here's What You Should Remember About Eddie In 'A Million Little Things' Season 1

ABC/Jack Rowand

The ABC drama A Million Little Things soon returns for Season 2, shedding light on how a tight-knit group of friends is coping about a year after their best buddy died by suicide. When fans last saw the Boston-based A Million Little Things characters, Delilah was going into labor with her surprise baby, while Eddie, secretly the baby's father, was contemplating coming clean about the paternity of the incoming bundle of joy to his wife Katherine. On top of this baby bombshell, what else happened to Eddie in A Million Little Things Season 1? He's come a long way since the series premiere, but he's not out of the woods yet.

Upon the September 2018 premiere of A Million Little Things, Eddie (David Giuntoli) was struggling in his marriage to Katherine (Grace Park), who was maintaining a busy law career. Fans later learned Eddie was having an affair with Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak), the wife of his deceased best friend Jon (Ron Livingston).

Frequent flashbacks eventually revealed Delilah and Eddie had been canoodling when Jon called Eddie right before he died. Eddie had ignored the call, prompting guilt later on when he heard Jon's voicemail advice to "love each other." Eddie feared Jon knew about the affair, and he turned out to be right: A later flashback revealed Jon had caught the unknowing pair in the act when he showed up late to the dinner where Delilah planned to reveal her infidelity.

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Although Eddie and Delilah seemingly had Jon's blessing from beyond the grave, they didn't pursue a relationship. Instead, Delilah stuck to the lie that she was unexpectedly pregnant with Jon's baby to avoid complicating Eddie's unraveling marriage and further driving a wedge in their friend group. As Eddie began rebuilding his music career, he and Katherine were amicably taking steps toward their divorce, but by the end of Season 1, old feelings were bubbling between them.

The Season 1 finale closed with Delilah rapidly entering labor. While Regina (Christina Moses) coached her at the hospital, Eddie told Katherine he wanted to move back home with her and try their relationship again. "There's nothing I want more," he said. "But I promise you no more lies. So there's something I need to tell you."

Given how much information the group dug up about Jon's past, the truth about Delilah's baby's father has surprisingly remained in the dark. As the end of the Season 1 finale episode hinted Eddie was about to tell Katherine the truth and actively pursue her again, fans may be in store for fierce tension between Eddie and both women in his life. ABC's synopsis for the Season 2 premiere stays vague, but it appears to confirm the inevitable, saying:

Delilah goes into labor, Eddie feels compelled to tell Katherine the truth about being the baby’s father. Meanwhile, Gary (James Roday) and Maggie (Allison Miller) struggle with living together post-cancer, and Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina continue to be at odds about having a baby of their own.

Recovering alcoholic Eddie may be getting his life back together, but the arrival of this baby may signify another rough path ahead for him.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things premieres at 9:01 p.m. ET on Thursday, Sept. 26, on ABC.

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