This refresher of what happened on '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 will prep viewers for Season 4.

Here's The '13 Reasons Why' Recap You Need Before Watching The Final Season

by Dylan Kickham

13 Reasons Why is wrapping up the dark, murder-filled story of the Liberty High teenagers with its fourth season, and because so much happened in the show in the season prior, fans should definitely refresh their memories before starting the final batch of episodes. Remembering the key moments from Season 3 will be imperative to understanding the series' grand finale, but don't worry, you don't need to do a full rewatch if you're struggling to recall what happened in 13 Reasons Why Season 3. Just read through this quick recap and you will be all set to press "play" on the first episode of Season 4.

Season 3 revolved around the mysterious death of Bryce Walker, as each of Bryce's many adversaries became lead suspects in the police's murder case. The season was told half in flashbacks to before the Liberty High homecoming football game, and half in the present-day, as Clay Jensen and the new transfer student Ani Achola worked together to try to figure out what happened to Bryce.

The clearest and simplest way to recap each of the important events of Season 3 may be to go through each main character's story one by one. That way, you'll know exactly where everyone stands at the start of Season 4.

Tyler Down


Tyler was the most worrying character at the end of Season 2, but he had an uplifting recovery arc in Season 3. Clay and Tony were able to stop Tyler from bringing an arsenal of guns into Spring Fling after Monty had assaulted him in the bathroom, and they began to look after him. At first, Tyler kept a gun hidden, planning to use it on Bryce after Monty told him Bryce was behind his attack, but he got rid of it after happening upon Bryce's body at the pier.

Throughout the season, many of the Liberty High kids looked after Tyler and helped him recover from his trauma, culminating in him revealing the truth about his assault to the school and finally reporting Monty to the police. At the end of the season, Tyler was happier and more fulfilled than ever before, having revealed his photography project as a thank-you to all his friends for helping him recover. But the final moment of the season revealed a fisherman discovering Tyler's guns in the river, meaning his past will likely come back to haunt him.

Tony Padilla

While Tyler may have had an uplifting season, Tony had quite the opposite. Bryce's father called ICE on Tony's family, resulting in his parents and brothers being deported to Mexico while his sister hid out with his aunt and uncle in Arizona. Bryce actually tried to help Tony out when he learned of the deportation, first buying his Mustang for double the value then offering to give it back for free, but it did not help. The Season 3 finale revealed Tony had begun covertly laundering money through a Mexican cartel in order to help his family.

Jessica Davies

Jessica's Season 3 arc was all about reclaiming her voice. Encouraged by Ani, Jessica ran for and was elected class president, and used her new position to form the student group Hands Off, a club devoted to opposing sexual assault. The group stormed the Homecoming game in their underwear, covered in fake blood, and that protest led to a massive blowup on the field, shortly after which, Bryce was killed.

Also, Jessica's love life took a major turn in Season 3. After noticing sex with her boyfriend Alex no longer felt the same, she broke up with him and began a secret relationship with her ex, Justin, and then they quickly announced their relationship to everyone.

Justin Foley

Justin's struggle with addiction came to a head in Season 3. When his mom's abusive ex Seth made Justin deal drugs for him in order to repay the money he took, Justin began keeping some of the drugs for himself, only worsening the dangerous relationship between him and Seth. Thankfully, Seth was arrested for parole violations at the end of the season, and Justin came clean to Clay and Clay's parents about his addiction, and they promised to get him help.

Clay Jensen

Since Clay played the role of the detective in Season 3, most of his story was actually wrapped up in the stories of his fellow students. His main storyline was his new relationship with Ani, which was often volatile as he discovered her various lies, but ended with the pair beginning to date in the Season 3 finale.

Ani Achola


As the new girl at Liberty High, Ani was shrouded in mystery for most of Season 3, something that was compounded by her penchant for lying. Ani moved to town because her mom was hired as a live-in nurse for Bryce's grandpa, which meant she lived in the same house as Bryce. The two developed a secret, close relationship throughout the season that culminated in them hooking up. When Clay found out about their relationship, he freaked out, but after they began investigating Bryce's death together, the two grew closer and began dating.

Zach Dempsey

Early in Season 3, Zach developed a close bond with Bryce's girlfriend Chloe, who revealed to him she was pregnant. Chloe decided not to tell Bryce about this, and Zach took her to secretly get an abortion, then Chloe broke up with Bryce. At the Homecoming game, Bryce found out about Zach and Chloe and took his rage out on the field, dislocating Zach's knee so he could never play football again. In retaliation, Zach followed Bryce to the pier and brutalized him, leaving him for dead. After Bryce was announced dead, Zach believed he was the murderer until finding out the truth.

Alex Standall

After Jessica broke up with him, Alex became insecure and began taking steroids to build muscle, which also sparked a brief, reckless friendship between him and Bryce. But after he and Jessica discovered Bryce on the pier, bloodied and beaten shortly after Zach's attack, an enraged Alex tossed him into the water rather than helping him up. Although Alex and Jessica kept the truth hidden for a while, they eventually told the rest of the group and everyone agreed to pin the murder on Monty to protect Alex.

Winston Williams

Winston was a small part of Season 3, but he will be a major part of Season 4. Monty met Winston at one of Bryce's Hillcrest parties, and the two began hooking up, with Monty finally beginning to come to terms with his sexuality. However, the two never got to explore their relationship too much, because Monty was arrested after Tyler confessed his assault, and then Monty was killed in jail shortly after his arrest. While Monty deserved jail time for what he did to Tyler, he was actually innocent in Bryce's murder, and Winston knows that, since Monty was in bed with Winston the night of Bryce's murder. At the end of Season 3, Winston implied to Ani he knew the truth about the coverup, which could mean a whole lot of trouble if he decides to dig deeper in Season 4.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 hits on Netflix on Friday, June 5.