'13 Reasons Why' fans have a lot of theories about Season 4.

6 '13 Reasons Why' Season 4 Theories That'll Keep You Up At Night

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Every season of 13 Reasons Why is packed with wild, unexpected twists, so fans can bet the show's final season will be pretty shocking. After three years of covering up incredibly serious crimes, the Liberty High teens are all unraveling in the trailer for the upcoming fourth season, and fans have a lot of guesses about what might be in store for the show's big sendoff. Naturally, fans are running wild with theories about 13 Reasons Why Season 4.

After a very close call with the police in Season 3, the Liberty High kids will have to face their lies head-on in their senior year, as the Season 4 trailer revealed. Netflix dropped a preview of the final season just a few weeks before the June 5 premiere, and it revealed Clay, Jessica, Ani, Justin, Alex, Zach, Tony, and the rest of the crew who framed Monty for Bryce's murder would have to face the music. It appears that Winston, the prep school student who Monty was hooking up with on the night of Bryce's murder, is going to investigate the group in order to try to get justice for his dead lover. The trailer also shows Clay's grip on reality may be slipping as he continues to hide more and more dark secrets.

Of course, speculation is at an all-time high in the 13 Reasons Why fandom as the final season approaches, so let's dive into all the most captivating theories that have been bubbling up.

1. Clay will have a psychotic break.

Clay's mental health has been a concern for some time, especially after he began seeing Hannah's ghost and was driven to levels of extreme stress. He's never been more worrying than in the Season 4 trailer, though, which heavily features disturbing hallucinations about Clay disintegrating and waking up in a jail cell. With all the building stress of hiding so many murders, secrets, and lies, it all seems to point to Clay having a break from reality in the final season. The trailer also introduces Clay's therapist, Dr. Robert Ellman, so hopefully that means the show's lead character will get the help he needs.

2. Clay is behind the graffiti.

Every season of 13 Reasons Why has some object or device at the center of its mystery, and it looks like mysterious graffiti messages will fill that role for Season 4. The trailer revealed the words "Monty was framed" was spray-painted in giant letters in the Liberty High hallway, and although the obvious suspect is Winston, a lot of fans think Clay may actually have been the one to reveal the truth. Going along with the psychotic break theory, fans are guessing Clay could be subconsciously confessing the truth of his crimes without even knowing it. There's a scene in the trailer that looks like Clay has blood on his hands, but some fans think it's actually red paint, matching the "Monty was framed" graffiti.

3. The graffiti is meant to expose Alex and Zach.

The trailer also shows quick shots of other graffitied symbols in the school's photography lab, with extra attention given to a symbol that looks like a "V" with a jagged arrow through the center.


It seems clear this symbol will be important, and while it's still anyone's guess what it could mean, the first impression is that it's mean to point to Bryce's true killers. The symbol is hanging next to a graffitied letter "A" in the lab, which emphasized how much it looks like an upside-down "A." And the jagged arrow resembles a "Z." It looks like the graffiti artist knows Alex and Zach are the two people most directly responsible for Bryce's death, and is trying to spread the message.

4. Tyler will get arrested.

Tyler was able to evolve into a much more empathetic and open person in Season 3, but the finale moments of the season hinted his past would come back to haunt him, as a fisherman reeled in the stockpile of assault rifles he threw into the river after deciding not to use them at Spring Fling. In the Season 4 trailer, the police have possession of the guns and Tyler is clearly worried, which means it's only a matter of time before they are linked to him.

5. Monty is still alive.

This theory has been floating around the fandom since the Season 3 finale, and it's definitely on every fan's mind heading into Season 4. Monty's death at the end of Season 3 was never shown, and to make things even more suspicious, the group learned he had died after a local drug dealer told Justin and Ani he saw Monty being killed in his jail cell. Other than that, there was pretty much no information on how or why he died. Because of all this, some fans still think he could be secretly alive and will make his surprising return in the final season.

6. Justin will die.

Every season of 13 Reasons Why includes the death of a main character, so naturally fans are trying to figure out who might get the axe in the show's final season. Sadly, most of the fandom is thinking it will be Justin. He's been struggling with addiction a lot more in recent seasons, and even though he seemed to be in a good place at the end of Season 3, fans think he may relapse and overdose due to the stress in Season 4. Since he's a fan-favorite character and intimately connected to so many of the main characters, Justin's death would be one of the most emotional moments of the series, which is another reason fans are thinking the writers may want to off him.

Trying to guess what will happen next is always entertaining, but 13 Reasons Why has a way of constantly throwing curveballs at its fans, so the only way to find out how the story will really end is to tune in to Season 4 on Friday, June 5.

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