What Episodes Of 'Daredevil' Is The Punisher In? Catch Up On All Things Marvel

The Marvel-verse on Netflix is one that's slowly seeded itself since the first seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones arrived in 2015. While Jessica Jones begat Luke Cage in 2016, it wasn't until Daredevil Season 2 that it begat The Punisher, with Frank Castle's starring role. Unlike the character of Luke Cage, who only appeared in a few episodes of Jessica Jones, Castle was in almost every installment. So what episodes of Daredevil is The Punisher in? It'll help to watch them all so you can catch up ahead of the new show's premiere.

Unlike Cage, who was only in the first and last three episodes of Jessica Jones, giving him six appearances in a 13 episode season, Castle is a larger figure in Daredevil Season 2. This despite the fact that he takes a bit of a back seat once Elektra Natchios, Matt Murdoch's love interest for the season, arrives in episode 5.

Episode 5, entitled Kinbaku, is in fact is the episode that Frank Castle doesn't show up in. He's mentioned though, which is nothing to sneeze at, considering that part of the episode is a flashback to Murdoch's past with Electra, and almost the entire rest of the episode is taken up with her arrival in New York City, he reveal that she knows he's Daredevil, as well as the Yakuza she's brought with her.

Episodes 1-4

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In fact, Castle arrives with a bang in the very first episode, entitled, well, "Bang." And for the first four episodes (including "Dogs to a Gunfight," "New York's Finest" and "Penny and Dime") Murdoch's quest to find the "army" that took down the Irish Mob (which was really just Castle) consumes the main plot of the season.

Not only does it consume his night work, but also his day job, as Murdoch winds up dealing with Castle both as a fellow vigilante in his Daredevil guise *and* with Frank Castle as a client he has to defend in court as lawyer Matt Murdoch.

Episodes 6-8

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It only gets more complicated in Episodes 6 ("Regrets Only") when our always plucky Kern Page deep dives into Castle's past, and seemingly earns his trust. But then, in Episode 7 ("Semper Fidelis") when Electra's arrive screws up Murdoch's opening defense statement in Castle's trial, one might think his client would be upset and stop cooperating.

But Castle doesn't seem to be upset by this. Instead, as Matt's fellow lawyer Foggy works hard to save the day and sway the jury in Episode 8 ("Guilty as Sin") Castle takes the stand and wrecks his lawyers' hard work and winds up heading to jail.

Episodes 9-10


With Castle in jail, and Electra and Daredevil growing closer during their hunt for the Hand, and Stick's arrival back to reveal the other ninja clan, The Chaste, it almost seems like this is the time for Castle to fade into the background until his own spin-off's number gets called. But no. In Episode 9 ("Seven Minutes in Heaven"), Castle runs into an old friend of the show, Season 1's medium-sized bad Wilson Fisk.

Fisk initially wants to get Castle out of the way, and arranged to have him done in... until he gets a load of what the guy can do. Then he works to get Castle out of jail, as an asset on the outside. But instead of taking down Murdock the first chance he gets in Episode 10 ("The Man in the Box"), Castle winds up saving Karen Page's life from some fall out from the Electra and Stick story line.

Episodes 11-13

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With Matt now definitely moved on from his relationship with Karen to Electra, the show moves to work in a relationship between Castle and Page instead in the final three episodes. Not that the road is easy. Karen is totally aghast at Castle's murderous ways when she sees him kill new bad guy The Blacksmith's men in episode 11 (".380").

It only gets more complicated in Episode 12 ("The Dark at the End of the Tunnel") when Page, thinking to get more information of Castle interviews his former marine commander, Ray Schoonover, only to realize partway through the interview he's The Blacksmith. of course, then Castle shows up and saves her by killing Schoonover, despite her pleas for him to stop. Dating vigilantes isn't for the faint of heart Karen! Didn't Matt teach you anything?

In the finale ("A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen"), Page gets kidnapped, but by that time both Electra and Castle are on Murdoch's side against the Hand, and once Electra sacrifices herself, Castle is the one to step up and help Daredevil finish off the season's bad guys. he also decides to take up his own mantle and embrace being "The Punisher."