What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Survive Camping, Because Nature Is Calling

Summer is just around the corner, and if you haven't already started planning a camping trip, what are you waiting for? There's no better trip to take during the warmest and most spirited season of all. From taking a refreshing dip in a crystal clear lake to satisfying your sweet tooth by making some s'mores over a hot fire, the fun involved with camping is seriously endless. And it's not always just fun and games; camping is a journey with highs and lows. The sun is bright enough to burn skin, there are mysteries lurking in the shadows at night, and there are bugs crawling just outside the tent you may have spent over an hour pitching. The moments are both challenging and gratifying, and the memories made during a camping trip are here to stay. Knowing what each zodiac sign needs to survive camping can make your trip that much more awesome.

Because astrology can say so much about your character, your personality, and the things that you enjoy, your sun sign might perfectly explain the camping trip itinerary you need to have. You may prefer calmly connecting with nature and relaxing under a blue sky. On the other hand, relaxing might make you feel bored, and you'd probably rather do something more intense, like going on a wild hike or climbing a steep mountain. Whatever it is, your sun sign probably knows it better than you do.

Aries: Getting Your Adrenaline Pumping

When an Aries goes camping, they're hardcore about it. Any opportunity to get their blood pumping is an opportunity they'll take. Going jet-skiing or dirt-biking in the middle of nature would be right up their alley, alongside playing sports or games with their fellow campers.

Taurus: Making S'mores & Cooking

Highly attuned to their five senses, a Taurus would love nothing more than crafting some delectable s'mores or cooking a fresh fish over the campfire. Being able to taste and smell the natural world would be the most enjoyable part of their trip.

Gemini: Scary Stories Around The Campfire

A Gemini loves drama as well has having the opportunity chance to show off their communicative chops. Being able to send shivers down their fellow campers' spines with a scary story told under a full moon and a cracking fire sounds like an amazing time.

Cancer: Cuddling On A Hammock

Cancers are affectionate and caring by nature, and would love nothing more than to feel the good vibes while swinging in a cozy hammock. Bonus points if there is a lover, friend, or dog involved in the equation.

Leo: Tubing On The Lake

A Leo just loves being able to lounge around and soak up the sunshine while camping. Getting into their favorite swimsuit and tubing with some of their closest friends would definitely make their heart flutter.

Virgo: Studying Nature And Learning More

Always wanting to absorb more information and analyze their surrounds, a Virgo would love the opportunity to learn more about nature while camping. They'd enjoy having a book to read for reference or an experienced guide they can glean wisdom from.

Libra: Taking Photos In Nature

Always concerned about beauty and aesthetics, a Libra enjoys taking photos of all the gorgeous sights they come across while camping. Taking Instagrammable shots of all their fellow campers makes the trip feel totally worth it.

Scorpio: Collecting Rocks And Exploring The Woods

A Scorpio loves delving deeper into the mysteries of the natural world while camping. Taking a leisurely stroll through the woods while collecting any gorgeous rock they come across would make their spirit tingle with excitement.

Sagittarius: Going Rock Climbing

Daring and exploratory by nature, a Sagittarius would love to spend their camping trip pushing the limit with activities like rock climbing. Not only do they feel one with nature as they connect with the sights, they also feel incredibly cool while doing it.

Capricorn: Fishing Or Animal Watching

Patient and competitive Capricorn would seriously enjoy fishing or searching for animals while camping. It takes a lot of diligence and calm to be able to spot rare creatures and a Capricorn would feel incredibly proud of having done it.

Aquarius: Kayaking Through The River

An Aquarius loves to be able to jump right in to exploring the sights while camping, but not just in the average way. Going kayaking is an opportunity to see the natural world from a new angle and an Aquarius would not pass that up.

Pisces: Stargazing And Contemplating Nature

When you're far away from the city, the stars are able to reveal themselves in all their glory. While camping, a spiritual Pisces would not be able to stop appreciating the way the night sky glows with stars at night. And why should they?