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What Each Zodiac Sign Hates Most About New Year's Eve Is Your Hilarious Truth

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New Year's Eve rarely ever turns out the way you want it to. Even if you're a major supporter of celebrating the last night of the year, you've gotta admit that this international holiday can be a bit... all over the place, to say the least. What each zodiac sign hates most about New Year's Eve will totally help you lower your expectations.

While I have plenty of unforgettable and beautiful New Year's Eve memories that I can't deny, this holiday can sometime be marked by disappointment. There's way too much hype, in my opinion. You're expecting a bad-ass evening with dozens of friends, a romantic New Year's kiss that sends fireworks through your heart, and for the end of the year to come together in some unbelievable way. What you often end up getting instead is a stressful search for the right party, a random kisser who uses way too much tongue, and of course, a $500 Uber bill. Personally, I think the secret to enjoying New Year's Eve is to just be glad when anything goes well. But, when does that ever happen?

Aries: Spending The First Day Of The Year With A Headache

New Year's Eve and loud music (plus some cocktails) definitely go hand-in-hand, which you probably take very seriously. You party it up hard, which always sets the new year off on a weird tone when you're viciously battling a blinding headache on Jan. 1.

Taurus: All You Wanna Do Is Go Home And Go To Bed

There's all this pressure to go out and have a wild evening, but you're barely able to keep your eyes open, let alone until midnight. Even if you do decide to go out and rage, all you're probably thinking about is your cozy, warm bed at home.


Gemini: Overbooking The Night Or Forgetting To Plan At All

You're such a last-minute thinker that you probably forgot to plan anything at all. You probably thought a party would magically arrive at your doorstep. That, or you RSVP'd to so many shindigs that you know you have to be "that person" who's so sorry they had to flake.

Cancer: The Year Coming To An End Makes You Sad

You were just getting used to this year, and now... suddenly... it's over? You're totally emotional about having to close this chapter, and New Year's Eve just makes you think about how fast life is going and how you wish it would slow down.

Leo: It's Way Too Cold For Your Sexy Outfit

You've probably got seriously elaborate plans for how hot you're gonna look in your sequined mini dress on New Year's Eve. The problem? You forgot to factor in that it's freezing cold outside, because hello, NYE happens in the dead of winter.

Virgo: It's So Expensive That It's Extortionate

You are pissed off from the minute New Year's Eve begins because you can already tell this whole damn evening is gonna be majorly expensive. Between surge pricing and 15 dollar cocktails, you are feeling totally gypped and ready to go home.

Libra: That NYE Kiss Never Lives Up To The Hype

You probably buy into this idea of some magical and romantic New Year's kiss making all your wildest dreams come true. The problem? New Year's Eve can be a night absolute chaos, and you're lucky if your kiss is even remotely tolerable.


Scorpio: The Positivity Culture Is Nauseating

All this talk of "new year, new me" is just giving you a major toothache. You know everyone's gonna be the same damn person that they've always been in the new year and you're not in the mood to be conned into feeling so "positive" and "motivated."

Sagittarius: High Expectations Set You Up For Failure

You've always got such a vision for how magnificent New Year's Eve is gonna be. You imagine it being such a wild and meaningful ride that it will just solve all your problems in life. The issue is that New Year's Eve isn't that deep, and that's a reality check.

Capricorn: The Stress Surrounding New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Eve just makes you think about all your failures over the past year, making you feel so stressed out. While everyone's living it up and partying, you can't stop thinking about all the New Year's resolutions you'll probably end up breaking.

Aquarius: It's All Just So Predictable And Cliché

Confetti? Sequins? Cheap champagne? "New year, new me"? All the cliché shenanigans kind of make your stomach turn. If it were up to you, New Year's Eve would be totally cutting edge and groundbreaking. However, it always ends up being the same as it always is.

Pisces: It's Way Too Existential For Your Liking

When the clock strikes 12, you're hyper aware of the passing of time. Even though you wanna just forget about your problems and party on, you can't help but think about the meaning of your life so far until you're trapped in a full on existential crisis.

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