12 Women Share What Falling In Love Feels Like & They're Spot On

by Candice Jalili

Most of us will have the pleasure of falling in love at some point in our lives, but what does falling in love feel like? How do you put into words that warm, fuzzy feeling we place so much value on? That warm, fuzzy feeling that people have written songs and movies about? That warm, fuzzy feeling that people have started wars over?

Well, I guess, as you can see from the above, I would describe it as warm and fuzzy. Falling in love with my boyfriend made me feel like I just dressed my heart in a cozy, thick, cashmere-lined robe. And also that robe, despite being just light enough, was extremely strong. It made me feel safe and like everything was going to be OK. But weirdly also terrified! Like someone is going to come in at any point and rip my warm, fuzzy robe off my heart. Eventually, the terror subsided and all that was left was the warm fuzziness.

But that's just me! What makes falling in love so special is that it's different for each person. Each love story is unique. The feeling that love conjures for each person in love is totally different. And in a recent Reddit AskWomen gave 12 different definition for what falling in love feels like for them. They're all different and they're all accurate. And that's the beauty of falling in love!

It feels like they highlight all of your experiences.
I’m not sure how I fell in love with my SO, but I can try to tell you what my love feels like.
My spouse is the only person I would give up my life for to save his. Any pain I would gladly take away if I could to spare him any. Seeing him happy makes me happy. Love feels safe. When he’s not home, my house just doesn’t feel complete. It’s truly sharing in wins together, when something great happens to him, it feels like it happened for me as well. Love is experiencing something awesome, and wishing your partner was there with you because there’s no one else in the world you would rather share that with. It’s forgiveness, and trying your best to see their point of view. It’s pulling their load when they just aren’t able to. Love is believing in us, and prioritizing our relationship above all.
I’m sure I’ve missed a ton of things, but the above is off the top of my head.


It's a little scary.
It was love at first sight. I saw him dancing in a bar, we locked eyes and that was that.In the beginning love makes me feel crazy. I want to spend every waking moment with the person and feel like I’m walking on sunshine. There is a lot of insecurity that comes with this, too—can I trust them? Will they leave me? I feel VERY emotional in the beginning of relationships and a bit out of control. It’s fun but very unstable.After a while, love becomes less exciting but wonderfully healing and stabilizing. It feels like having an invisible field of protection around me knowing that there is one person in the world who really knows me and is there for me day in and day out. The beginning is fun but I’ll take the stability over that any day.


It leaves you wanting the best for them.
It's so hard to describe love, but I think it's that you want the best for them, and they're the person that makes you the happiest and the safest. I fell in love with my SO, because of the person he is--he's caring and loving and the funniest and goofiest guy I know. He cares about what I have to say, and he's always there for me--good or bad.


It's a choice.
Love is an action. I’ve been with my husband since I was 13. In all these years I haven’t woken up everyday with overwhelming, weak in the knees, can’t eat or breath feelings of love. But I have loved him everyday. We still have days, weeks, or months of that intense and deep passionate love, but it’s okay when we don’t.Every single day we put effort in to show each other our love. I tell him, I support him, I do things to make him more comfortable. He does the same for me.When we fight and I hate him I still love him. It’s a choice we make, not a feeling we chase.


It's having one best day ever after another.
Every day is the new best day of my life because I got to spend the previous day with her. I think if I told her this she would gag uncontrollably for the rest of her life.


It's an endless stream of butterflies.
I fell in love with him after spending one night with him. From the moment he smiled at me and started talking to me I had butterflies and was like I need this man in my life.I don’t really know how you describe being in love. The fact I still get those same butterflies every time he smiles at me and kisses me and touches me. Being around him just makes me feel alive and the thought of being without him hurts too f***ing, we’re fighting right now and my heart hurts so bad at the thought of losing him. I know we’ll be fine and it’s just a petty argument, but hurts cause I love him that much


It feels like your heart is literally growing.
I think feeling in love is like how in the grinch stole Christmas, the grinch's heart swelled up 3 times its size. That's what it feels like for me. My heart feels so big and full. I've been with my So for 5years. When we first started seeing each other I wasn't 100 percent if that's what I wanted. Well, the first time I spent the night at his house, we were in his room and I was standing by his window, and it literally just hit me how right it felt to be there in that moment. Like that's exactly where I was suppose to be. And with that, I never looked back. He's the best.


It gives you permission to unapologetically be yourself.
My SO and I were close friends for a really long time before dating. He had feelings for me all along, but I was incredibly insecure and it took a long, slow build before I was ready to love him as more than a friend.I think love is when you can be your 100% true self around the other person. You appreciate and accept each other for who you are, and you know you can trust them 100% to always have your best interests at heart. It's also about committing to growing and changing together with all of life's crazy events, even in times where you may not always be on the same path.


It makes you feel protective over them.
I've always sort of had a hard time describing being in love, but I guess for me it's when I just want to make that person happy all the time, never let anything bad happen to them, support them in everything they do, and just genuinely enjoy being around them all the time. If I want the best for someone in every situation and I'm able to put any selfish desires aside, I think that's how I know when I'm in love. When I think of my BF I get kinda tingly (not like butterflies though) and really energetic. Just thinking of him makes me so happy and smiley. So many instances where I'm sure people thought I was weird because I just randomly started smiling while walking to class.To be honest I don't really know how it happened. We just spent a lot of time together, got along so insanely well, made each other happy, and at some point it turned from "hey I like you" to "hey I am so crazy in love with you." I do think building up trust between us was a big thing too.


It's easy.
I describe love as finding someone that makes life so much easier with just being there and existing. I fell in love with him when we were in school and he tolerated me at my worst and every time I said “you don’t have to tolerate this” he would always say “I’m not “tolerating” it cause tolerating means you have no choice but I choose to go through this”.He was patient with me, kindest anyone has been with me and he loved me with his whole heart and I loved him but not enough I guess. Anyways, after 1.6 years I left him and I really f*cking miss him


It's comfortable.
For me love is comfort. I feel comfortable with him, no matter what. When I try and fail, he still supports me. When something goes wrong, I know he will be there to help me fix it, no judgement. When something goes right, he's excited for me even if he as no interest in it: he's happy because it's important to me. And I reciprocate that support for him, because he deserves it.That comfort didn't happen overnight. It took years of us just being friends to develop. We were consistent even when everything else was not. Him being in my life simply makes me a better person.


It's always evolving.
I’m in a 6 year relationship. My love is always changing. The butterflies are gone by now, but my love feels... perfect. Perfect in that everything is so easy. If we ever have problems, we’re able to fix them as soon as they arise. He’s all I know and all I ever want to know. Everything feels so natural and right with him. Our hands fit together like they were made together, and our bodies fit together the same way. It’s comfortable but not like “I’m just settling for you.” It’s comfortable in that it’s safe, it’s home, it’s where I’ve always meant to belong. His arms are the only place I fit so perfectly. I change over time, but he grows with me and we accept each other no matter what. Our hearts love each other like it’s what they were designed to do.


See? Falling in love feels different for everyone. And if your love feels different with all of these definitions, that's OK!