Here's What Ariana Grande Reportedly Loves About Dalton Gomez

by Candice Jalili

Now that she's agreed to spend the rest of her life with him, I think it's time to dive into what Ariana Grande reportedly loves about Dalton Gomez. According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight on Dec. 21, there's a lot Grande reportedly loves about Gomez. For starters, Grande apparently feels like she doesn't have to fake it around her husband-to-be. "She feels like she can be her true self with him," the source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight. "She also admires how successful and hardworking he is in his own career, but also likes that he is down to earth and is a regular guy."

In addition to how comfortable he apparently makes her feel and how successful he is in his real estate career, Grande also reportedly loves the way Gomez treats her. The source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight, "Dalton goes out of his way to make Ariana happy — whether with small or bigger gestures and she loves that he is a true gentleman."

And it's apparently not just Gomez who Grande loves. The pop star is also reportedly a big fan of Gomez's inner circle. "They get along great and Ariana has hung out with his friends and family a ton and loves them too," the source reportedly noted. "They’re so happy."

Also, I hope this was a given considering the fact that they just got engaged, but the source reportedly claimed that Grande and Gomez "are madly in love and very serious about each other." In fact, even though the proposal reportedly came not even a year into their relationship, Gomez and Grande have apparently been talking about the future for some time. "They’ve been talking about taking next steps for a while," the source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight. "Their relationship is very loving and carefree."

Grande announced she and Gomez got engaged by posting a series of photos on Dec. 20. In addition to a few shots of herself and Gomez snuggling, Grande peppered in a few shots of her engagement ring. She captioned the post, "forever n then some."

News of their engagement comes just 10 months after they were first publicly spotted out together. According to People, the couple has reportedly been seeing each other since January.

Happy for these two!!