Moon Voids Are A Thing, They Happen Often, And They're Affecting You

by Elise Edwards

You ever wake up in the morning completely ready to tackle your to-do list with a laser-like focus and the mental and physical energy of the Energizer Bunny, just to fall into a haze of emotional uncertainty and inactivity but with no apparent cause? Assuming that you started your day with the same avocado toast and cold brew you normally do, and can't blame your sudden lethargy on an undiagnosed food allergy or an unexpected breakup, chances are, you were broadsided by the moon going void-of-course.

The void-of-course (VoC) moon is sort of like your iPhone’s iOS update. As your phone transitions into a new operating system, you kind of just have to do something else for a while until it comes back online. The moon’s placement in the sky dictates what emotional OS the earth is operating on, and knowing when a lengthy update will occur is the single most useful life hack in lunar living.

What's A Void-Of-Course Moon?

To understand what a VoC moon is, we must first understand that the moon cycles through each of the zodiac signs about every 30 days, spending approximately two to three days in each sign. The moon’s movement through the zodiac is known as the moon’s transits. The sign the moon is transiting through dictates the emotional focus for all of earth’s creatures for that one-and-a-half to three-day period.

Here's the VoC calendar for October. Note how often the moon goes void of course and for how long. Notice how it cycles through the signs and what each sign means.

What The Moon Means In Different Signs

When the moon exits one sign, but has yet to transition into the next, we have what's called a VoC moon. For us here on earth, that means we have exited one sign's emotional influence, but have yet to enter into the next's, leaving us in an emotional/psychological limbo, making it difficult to move forward on projects, or make decisions because we don’t know how we really feel about anything until the moon settles into the next sign.

We have exited one sign's emotional influence, but have yet to enter into the next's, leaving us in an emotional/psychological limbo...

Aries: Our focus is to take action or start something.

Taurus: Our focus is to seek comfort and security by indulging the senses.

Gemini: Our focus is on communication and mental stimulation.

Cancer: Our focus is on spending time with friends and family.

Leo: Our focus is on being appreciated, by ourselves and others.

Virgo: Our focus is on the little things that make us happy.

Libra: Our focus is on finding compromise and harmony in our relationships.

Scorpio: Our focus is on our desires and new experiences.

Sagittarius: Our focus is on our independence and long-term goals.

Capricorn: Our focus is on prioritizing our long-term goals and making them realistic.

Aquarius: Our focus is on figuring out which friends deserve deeper connections and which don't.

Pisces: Our focus is on taking care of ourselves emotionally and recharging.

Now that you have an idea of what the different moons in each sign mean, this is how you can make the most of this purgatory.

What Not To Do During A VoC Moon

Remember the iOS analogy? Yeah, getting stuff done under the VoC moon is literally like trying to operate without an operating system. The VoC period can last anywhere from one minute to upward of a day, and noting when an extended VoC moon occurs is the single greatest life hack lunar living has to offer.

Need to do a lot of mental work or writing? Plan it before or after the moon goes void of course. Meeting up with friends? Make sure to arrive before or after the moon goes void of course. If you have a planning or pitch meeting scheduled during an extended VoC period, reschedule. Decisions made during VoC periods lead to unexpected and haphazard results.

Decisions made during VoC periods lead to unexpected and haphazard results.

Purchases made during VoC periods often result in returns, feeling super ambivalent about your selection and/or a major case of buyers’ remorse. Even conversations and relationships started while the moon voids occur seem to go nowhere, and disappear like they never even happened.

What To Do During A VoC Moon

VoC moon phases are best spent doing nothing. That’s right — “la dolce fa niente.” Get a facial or take a yoga class. Even if you're in the middle of a project, and you know the moon is void for a couple hours, plan your break period for those couple hours.

Go out and get some air. Do some laundry, take a nap, or watch a movie. Do something that doesn't require results or emotional/conscious intention to achieve. Just be there.

It's like the emotional focus of the world is getting an software update, and you're just going to have to do something else with yourself until the moon comes back online.

Another thing to note is that because the moon rules the sign of Cancer, the more planets in Cancer you have on your natal chart (particularly your sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or ascendant) the more susceptible to a VoC moon's influence you will be.

Now, armed with all the information you need, you can make the VoC moon work for you. Good luck and happy planning.

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