What Does "A Second Glance" Mean? Taylor Swift's New Music Has A Secret Message

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When Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, is released on Nov. 10, it's sure to give fans plenty to talk about. One of the big unanswered questions is What does “A Second Glance” mean? The first mention of “A Second Glance” was by Swift herself on Sept. 3 and fans have been trying to figure it out ever since.

At the time, she tweeted: "A second glance into #reputation... ready for it?" She was teasing “...Ready For It?" as her next single, of course, but fans were quick to pick up on Swift’s other clue, the fact that she mentioned the phrase “a second glance.”

If there's anything this fan base knows, it's that nothing Swift does is accidental, so everyone fully believed she was trying to tell us all something. But were fans so, so wrong about it?

Since all we can do is wait on that album release, we’ve had loads of time to look into every possible theory and connection, trying to piece it all together into something meaningful. With the mention of “A Second Glance,” fans were sure they were onto something big.

Fans were so (to borrow a phrase) ready for it, with one tweeting: "IM CALLING IT NOW THERE IS A SONG CALLED SECOND GLANCE #TaylorSwift ‪@taylorswift13 @taylornation13."

If you recall, when she teased “Look What You Made Me Do,” she did so by asking “...ready for it?”

Another asked, "What if the next song she releases is called 'second glance"?!?! ‪@taylorswift13.'" Seems logical, right?

Still another guessed: “the next song is 'A second glance' isn't it?” Was it another hint?

The theory that “A Second Glance” would be her third single seemed likely, with one fan tweeting: “But she captioned all the posts for ...Ready For It with 'Second Glance' so maybe that'll be single #3."

Others were so certain it would go down that way, with tweets like: “Im calling ‪@taylorswift13's next song will be called 'a second glance' #reputation,” "'A second glance' Is the new song?,” and “Taylor Swift's next song will be "A Second Glance."”

Others showed the proof, with one fan writing: “When she released #LWYMMD and when she released #ReadyForIt. I have a feeling the third song released is gonna be called #SecondGlance.”

With a fan-created Reputation track list showing “A Second Glance,” many believed the wording Swift used in her Instagram teasers to definitely be legit.

Turns out, fans were wrong (gasp), as the third single she released was “Gorgeous,” followed by “Call It What You Want.” Hey, it happens.

Still, many fans were left wondering about the meaning of “A Second Glance,” if, in fact, it's a song that will be on the Reputation track list. A tweet started making the rounds, claiming: “This is said to be the lyrics to Taylor’s next single called A Second Glance!!”

We’re not who you think we are
Breaking hearts and luxury cars
We’re not who you think we are
So maybe take a, take a
Take a second glance

I have so many questions... Where did these lyrics come from? Are they legit? And what do they even mean?

The lyrics were originally shared by a music news site, but mysteriously the tweet was deleted, as one fan shared that the now removed tweet “looked like lyrics. something about breaking hearts and luxury cars, and there was mention of 'a second glance'."

There's a lot to consider here, especially since Swift's "A Second Glance" clue didn't materialize as a single. Was she really trying to tell fans something or have we all read into it too much? As always, her Secret Session attendees haven't said a peep.

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