The Meaning Behind V & J-Hope’s “A Brand New Day” Is So Powerful

by Jamie LeeLo
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, I'm overwhelmed. Are you ARMYs sitting down? Because, BTS is releasing a brand new game that puts you in the K-pop driver's seat. It's called BTS World and it allows users to take on the role of manager, helping young BTS members J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, RM, and Suga grow to be their very best. To add a cherry on top of this already delicious BTS cake, the game comes with its own soundtrack featuring new sub-unit songs. The most recent features a tune by V and J-Hope called "A Brand New Day." So, what do V and J-Hope's "A Brand New Day" lyrics mean? It's all about trusting, loving, and believing in yourself.

While BTS World is scheduled to drop on June 26 (June 25 in the United States), V and J-Hope's masterpiece debuted on Friday, June 14. BTS teased their collaboration on their Twitter account in the days leading up to it after releasing a JinJiKook masterpiece the week prior.

The song's production is pretty minimalistic, letting the singing voices of the boys and Zara Larsson (who's featured on the track) shine. And of course, fans are wondering what the lyrics mean. Twitter account @cafe_army translated the lyrics into the English words below:

The fear and dread of all of it / Will I be able to overcome them? / As if I'm in a trance / I pulled and led myself / As if I'm hypnotized by something / I came to listen to the voice inside of me
Even if I can't reach it / The fragments of the future that are clear / The sentences of the dreams in a new world wrap their arms around me
On the day I found myself / A brand new day / I go up the stairs of light / The moment I dreamt a dream / We know the world / Show myself to the world

Zara Larsson's verse goes,

Oh I can be there yeah / I'll be there for you / I know you got them big dreams too / You can show me yours / If you want to / They're beautiful / We can look at them for hours / Surrender to their power / I see new worlds these visions / They burn inside of me / Just out of touch / But still close enough to be part of me

Then comes in the chorus again.

I'll be there when the day comes / A brand new day / Head up in that sunlight baby / I'll be there when the day comes / We know the world / Show the world just who I can be

Then comes a rapped verse.

Even when I was scared, I did not stoop down / Even when I was afraid, I just ran / Because I had faith in myself even in a crossroad of pressure / Going ma way / Goin ma way, a decision true to myself
I heard a voice that grew louder / The breathing sounds of happiness / I felt for a moment that I could achieve my dream

Then the last chorus comes in.

I'll be there when the day comes / A brand new day / Head up in that sunlight baby / I'll be there when the day comes / We know the world / Show the world just who I can be

I think it goes without saying that ARMYs are eating this up. So much to analyze! So much to speculate on! Overall, the song is all about having faith in your ability to make you dreams come true. So wholesome!

You can listen to the full track here.

Some fans originally wondered if the song was actually going to be in collaboration with artist Lauv after V and J-Hope did a special VLIVE video reacting to his tune, "The Story Never Ends." Turns out that was not the tea. The collab was with Zara Larsson!

Ultimately, everything about "A Brand New Day"'s release is adding fuel to the hype-train fire while ARMYs wait for BTS World to come out. The game itself is set back in 2012 before BTS grew into the mega-famous group that it is today and promises to feature 10,000 never-before-seen photos and 100 exclusive video clips. That's a hell of a lot of content.

However, mastering the juxtaposition between nostalgia and evolution as a group is BTS' specialty. ARMYs love the new work, V and J-Hope! Keep it coming.