TXT's "Our Summer" Lyrics Will Make It Feel Like Summer As Long As You're Listening

by Karen Ruffini

K-Pop is having such a moment right now, and I am absolutely living for it. With bands like BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO, it may seem like the space for new artists is limited, but that's totally not true. Case in point? TXT, a boy band whose label, BigHit Entertainment, also represents BTS. On March 4, their album, The Dream Chapter: Star, dropped, and fans are buzzing about it (for obvious reasons). There's one song, "Our Summer," that is particularly beautiful, and many are wondering, "What do TXT's "Our Summer" lyrics mean?" Fortunately for you, I've got it covered.

In case you weren't aware of TXT's presence in the world just yet: BigHit finalized plans to debut a new five-member boy band in January 2019. After an anxiety-inducing online countdown, BigHit revealed the band's name, TXT, and that it would be comprised of five men: Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu.

For those of you who'd like to meet the band, check out TXT's intro video, which is all sorts of adorable:

Here for it.

On March 4, the band made their highly-anticipated debut, and they didn't let their swiftly-growing fanbase down. I know you can't see me, but I'm doing a happy dance right this very moment.

Now that you have all the important background info, let's get down to decoding the lyrics to their third song, "Our Summer," off their album. The song is all about a special someone that makes the boys feel like it's summer every day with their love. (I'm sure some folks could use someone like that considering the snowy, winter weather in parts of the U.S.).

According to a translation by Lyrics Translate, the song starts out with these lyrics:

Under the blazing sun / It's muddy and it's melting / The gray forest of buildings / A never-ending final exam / Toss and turning, sleepless noise of the grey city
Your swiftly appearing fantasy / It shines like magic / The sound of the breaking waves, your laughter / When your hand reaches out

Then, the chorus begins:

Spread before your eyes is the ivory Milky Way / Blooming gold season, like our summer / No matter where you are, no matter what season / If we're together, feel like summer

The second verse goes like this:

Your fresh fragrance, your sparkling eyes / Makes me feel better / Reality loses its power, even the Earth dies / The moment is eternal
Under the hot sun / You and I are gonna be us now / Over the Gray City / There's a flood of blue waves

The rest of the lyrics unfold like this:

Autumn, winter and spring climate again come together / Golden sand, summer, ocean on the hot sun / In it, the eternal promise brilliantly shine / If you imagine, if you continue to believe / Then you're here

You honestly can't tell me that you're not already obsessed with this song. It is so good, people! And, while many fans have taken note of the resemblance TXT bears to BigHit's other dream team, BTS, I personally think that TXT's sound is different, in a much more youthful, quirky way while carrying the familiar message of loving oneself. But man, can both groups dance.

So now, I'll leave you alone so you can memorize TXT's "Our Summer" lyrics. You know you want to play it on repeat for an entire week straight, and you can't tell me otherwise. You can go ahead and do that below: