Here's What Each Of The New KKW Fragrance Heart Scents Smell Like

by Stephanie Montes
kkwfragrance on Instagram

If there's anyone that knows how to capitalize on a holiday, it's none other than entreprenuer and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian. Last February, she dropped the first round of KKW Kimoji Fragrance scents, with three iterations packaged in the cutest Valentine's Day candy heart-inspired bottles. The scents — BFF, Bae, and Ride or Die — sold out almost immediately, which is quite a feat, considering everybody who bought the fragrances online did so without smelling them first. With Valentine's Day just around the corner again, she's back with three new timely fragrances. What do the new KKW Fragrance Kimoji scents smell like? You're going to want to get all the details before you go blindly buying online.

On Jan. 27, the KKW Fragrance Instagram page announced that not only will the OG KKW Candy Hearts be back, but the brand will be adding three new scents to the line. The brand posted a photo of the six heart-shaped bottles in a rainbow of shades with the caption, "The perfect gifts for Valentines Day! Back by popular demand, Bae, BFF & Ride or Die are BACK + 3 brand new KKW HEARTS Wifey, Baddie & Baby Girl." That said, if you didn't get a chance to snag one of the first ones last year, here's your chance.

However, if you already snagged the first three like a true KKW Fragrance stan, here's what you can expect from the three new iterations in terms of scents.

Smell Like A Vacation-Bound Baddie

KKW Hearts Baddie ($30, KKW Fragrance) is described on the brand's website as having "top notes of sun drenched palm leaves," mixed with "wild rose, iris, and geranium." Finishing the scent are heady woods, soft musks, and golden amber. Think: taking a bath in an outdoor flower-filled tub in Palm Springs.

Baby Girl, You Smell Fresh

With a combination of "bright citruses and succulent fruits" paired with florals such as peony, jasmine, and muguet, and finished with "feather-light musks, exotic vetiver," and amber crystals, KKW Hearts Baby Girl ($30, KKW Fragrance) is sure to make you smell like a fresh Hawaiian breeze all day long — without having to book a flight.

Smell Like A Beverly Hills Wifey

And finally, KKW Hearts Wifey ($30, KKW Fragrance) is the most delicious of all. Let me paint a picture for you: You're the ultimate babe, sitting poolside with fresh freesias, violet leaves, and magnolia surrounding you while you sip on mimosas and snack on whipped caramel and someone fans you with a huge palm leaf. This is what this yellow heart smells like.

The OG BFF, Bae, and Ride Or Die fragrances, plus the new KKW Hearts Wifey, Baddie, and Baby Girl scents will launch at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET) on Jan. 31 on the KKW Fragrance website. Even if you can't smell these in real life, I think it's safe to say each one of these scents will smell pretty nice. And even if you don't love the scent, let's be real: It'll make for a really, really good Instagram post — and some (like Kim) might argue that's money well spent.