9 Men Reveal What They Love Most About Dating Their Girlfriends & OMG, You Guys

by Annie Foskett

I have a deep fear of intimacy. I'm certain of this because my therapist told me so, and because I have sabotage-bombed many a relationship in my life. (That's me, it's chill, I'm working on it.) That said, I love love. Well, I love other peoples' love. Not in a creepy, voyeuristic way, but in a "Queer Eye makes me sob every time relationships or family get involved" way. Additionally, I've never not cried at a wedding. While I don't love seeing your love on Instagram, an assignment about what guys love about their girlfriends was a very exciting prospect for me.

In order to uncover what men actually love about their girlfriends, I turned to Reddit — where men are both very honest and very glib. Naturally, some of these answers are to be taken with a grain of salt — for example, "her juicy butt cheeks" — but I did feel that, for the most part, the strangers of the internet gave me more genuine answers than perhaps a poll of my male friends might. While women are taught to proclaim their love out loud, men are not always as forthcoming with their feelings. (Society, can we please make it more acceptable for men to share all of their feelings already!?) Here's what real (internet) men had to say.

1. This Guy Covered His Bases

A million and one things. Her laugh, smile, personality, how caring and selfless she is. Not to mention, she's pretty damn hot too.


He clearly loves the sh*t out of her... and her body. Physical attraction is always part of the equation, so I appreciate that addition.

2. This Guy Brought Up The Key To All Relationships

That she is there when I need her, even if it's not convenient for her. That we can talk about everything, and do. That I trust her completely.


TRUST! Preach! Trusting your partner is key, IMO.

3. This Guy Needs To Send This To His GF Now

I love her compassion and how she generally cares about other people, but that she's also not spineless and stands up for herself when she needs to. I love her intelligence, she's easily the smartest woman I've ever known, and I love supporting her while she excels in her career. I love her sense of humor, we can joke around about anything and she doesn't think my dad jokes are lame, and it's a bonus that I get to see her smile and hear her laugh. I love how she wants to spend time with my friends and get to know them, and when she pushes for me to open up and get to know hers. I love how passionate she gets about our local sports teams, and how she can run circles around me with sports trivia. I love how she communicates, no nonsense, no sugar coating, no bullshit, tell it like it is. I love that she and I are sexually compatible, and into the same things and kinks. And finally, I love the face she makes when she gets stoned and orders Chinese food. It's the most adorable thing in the world.


Can I be in this relationship?! It sounds ideal, right down to the Chinese food. It also garnered a comment from another Reddit user that said, "This is really sweet. She is very lucky," which is an enormous compliment in the land of memes and subreddits.

4. This Guy Got Really Specific, But It's Cute

Her cute hands and how she moves them when she's talking about something about cooking.


While adorable, this man would not be my match. My hands are simply not that cute. (But I do move them a lot.)

5. This Guy Has The Relationship Standard We Should All Demand

She genuinely cares about me, which makes me want to return the favour threefold.


RandomSadPerson should not be sad because he's following the golden rule of dating: Date people who like you and are nice to you!

6. This Guy Puts It In A Way That's Easy For Anyone To Understand

You know that feeling when you've had a sh*tty f*cking day and everything annoys you and you just want to be alone, not deal with anybody and decompress? When I feel like that, I can be with her and still feel like I'm having my "alone" time - she's the one person in the world that it takes zero extra energy for me to be around, in fact she helps me reset to baseline better than I can do it on my own. She's my 'alone with someone else' and I will appreciate that forever.


Can I haz this cheeseburger (relationship)?

7. This Guy Found His Number One Fan

She pushes me to follow thru on passions.


Be with someone who believes in you and encourages you to try new things. (If that isn't an inspirational quote that could be found on a wall hanging at Home Goods, then I don't know what is.)

8. This Guy Just Wants To Feel Accepted

She loves and accepts me for who I am right now.


OK, so his username suggests that he is probably also into her boobs, but this is still pretty sweet.

9. This Guy Doesn't Feel Manipulated, And That's Important

She's sweet, sensitive, dependable, kind, reasonable, non-reactionary, thoughtful, loving, modest and non-manipulative.


I think that last bit of information is important for anyone to remember: In a healthy relationship, you should never feel manipulated or pushed around.

This is all very sweet, right? I want to remind you that I found all of this on REDDIT, where sarcasm is king. Only one of the Reddit replies referenced a fleshlight, and only two talked about specific body parts. If the men of Reddit can come up with these lovely statements about their SOs, what are you doing putting up with that f*ckboy who forgets to text you back daily? We all deserve love like this.

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