This Multicolored Dresser Is The New "The Dress" & We’re Screaming

Oh no, the internet is at it again. I'm sure you remember "the dress" — yes, that infamous dress that went viral back in 2015 and took the world by storm with a color debate of epic proportions. Well now there's a new "what color is it?" debate that can potentially take over the internet once again. And this time it's in the form of a dresser. So here we go people — what color is this dresser?

This dresser debate could be more heated than "the dress" argument, because for whatever reason it looks like there's more than just two color combinations to choose from. The photo of the two-toned dresser first appeared on Reddit on Dec. 17. And while this debate hasn't quite yet caused the viral storm that "the dress" has, there's potential for this debate to be even more spirited. The original poster asks other Redditors a simple enough question: do you see pink and white colors on the dresser, or blue and grey? But the question is a lot easier than the answer. The post has already garnered 60 comments (and counting), some with legitimate responses to the posited questions, and others with snarkier comments related to the photo. I mean, it isn't Reddit without a troll or two popping up in every post — am I right?

But Reddit trolls aside, we seriously cannot tell what two colors are the correct ones. Why? Because it appears that there are more color options than the two that the original poster suggested.

So take a look for yourself — what two colors do you see?

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a dusty pink and light blue on this set of drawers. And there are other users that agree with me and are seeing some sort of pink and blue shades on this dresser. This bring our total number of color combination options up to three. Other Redditors are seeing a beige-y pink color and a very light shade of green instead, giving users a fourth option for what the colors could be. One other user suggested that the dresser is seeing green and purple, adding a fifth option to the list. With this wide a range of what the color combos could be, we could be on the verge of a "dresser debate" that might surpass the tension of "the dress."

Of course, you remember the "dress" if you were an avid internet user in February of 2015. (And honestly, who wasn't an avid internet user at that point?) That famous Tumblr post of a dress posed the question: "black and blue, or white and gold?" It went viral and captured the consciousness of the internet world. It was a debate so widely argued that even The New York Times enlisted professors from top universities to scientifically explain why the two color combinations in the dress were viewed.

But this is an even trickier debate because of all the different colors that Reddit users are seeing, making it harder to discern what the true color combination of the dresser is. According to LiveScience, the way we perceive color has a lot to do with our surroundings and lighting (such as whether it's natural or artificial lighting), as well as the way our brains make assumptions about color. The way our brains interpret a color can sometimes change what we understand the hue to be, which might differ from others' interpretations.

So what's the final verdict in the matter? The original Reddit user later confirmed in the post that the dresser is in fact painted blue and grey. So this debate has already been settled. But as the internet has proved time and time again, some other viral piece of content is sure to spark yet another question in no time.