7 Men Reveal What Attracted Them To Their Last Crush & They'll Make You Swoon

by Sydnee Lyons

He reminded me of Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl. That's legitimately what I found appealing about my most recent crush. Sorry, but it doesn't get any deeper than that. In other instances though, when I'm not trying to live out my lustful, adolescent dreams as an adult, I'm mostly attracted to anyone who can keep up with my dry sense of humor, sassy comebacks, and pop culture references. Nate Archibald-dimples aside, physical attributes don't usually play a huge role for me, which makes me wonder what men find attractive. Is it more about looks or personality? Is it a little of both?

I think everyone has their own cocktail of traits that they hope to find in a partner. Sense of humor, warm smile, professional success, hot body — whatever floats your boat, really. In some cases, it's even less about how you see the person and more about how they make you feel that's got you crushing on them.

I've found that the most intense crushes are the ones I can't really explain, when there's just something about a person that I find overwhelmingly magnetic and undeniably irresistible. These are usually the ones that take the longest to get over, too. If I can't rationalize why I like them in the first place, how am I supposed to convince myself that I should let it go when things don't work out?

Evidently, guys don't seem to have this problem — at least, these seven guys don't. They know exactly what their most recent crushes brought to the table and it's actually kind of cute.

Someone Who Gets Them
A girl that I've known for a while. We have really compatible senses of humor and a ton of interests in common. But she's not attracted to me, so I'm going to need to move on.


Someone Who's Good At What They Do
We met at the office. I loved how much effort she put into her job. It really turned me on.

— Anthony*, 26

Someone Who Makes Them Smile
Super attractive girl and she always seems happy and nice. Kinda hard to explain why, it's just all happy feelings when I see her even though I barely know anything about her.


Someone Who Makes Them Laugh
It was her sense of humor — very playful and fun. She just made me laugh a lot, and we’d laugh at the stupidest things. She liked my dad jokes, which was nice. I feel like making someone laugh is second only to food as the way to their heart. Plus, she had big boobs so...

— Kyle*, 26

Someone They Admire
Very pretty, very smart, going up in the world whilst I was going nowhere.


Someone They Find Physically Attractive
7 years ago, my sophomore year of high school. She was 5'4, brown hair, blue eyes. I met her through mutual friends and thought she was awesome so I asked her out and she said yeah but canceled on me a few days before the actual date for some reason I forget. We texted back and forth for a couple weeks but it became pretty obvious she wasn't interested in me romantically nor did she find me attractive so we kinda just faded away from each other pretty quickly. Haven't talked to her in maybe 4 years I hope she's doing well though.


Someone Who Shares Similar Interests
I came across her Instagram profile and she seemed really into fitness. I thought it was cool that we have similar lifestyles.

— Donavan*, 22

Guess I'll just wait for a fellow caffeine addict to stumble across my Instagram profile, then. I do seem to remember Nate Archibald drinking a lot of coffee on Gossip Girl. What? A girl can dream. Anyways, until then, my DMs are open.