Here Are All Of Jessica Jones' Badass Powers, Just In Case You Forgot


With the second season of Jessica Jones right around the corner, now is the time to start reminding yourself what the superpowered detective can do. After all, it's been nearly three years since the show's first season debuted on Netflix, and the grounded, neo-noir genre can actually make some viewers forget that Jessica Jones is more than just a hard-as-nails private eye. Get your refresher on what are Jessica Jones' powers right here before you dive into Season 2.

Jessica Jones' powers will be a much larger part of the story of Season 2 of Jessica Jones. Season 1 of the Marvel show introduced viewers to Jessica Jones, a hard-drinking detective with a troubled past, who also happens to have superpowers. Jones' powers include superhuman strength and endurance, which allow her to pummel pretty much anyone in a fight. She can also fly, although that one is still shaky in the series. In the Marvel comics, Jones can soar through the skies with ease, but the TV adaptation of Jones is still trying to figure that power out. We've seen her take large jumps and brace her falls, but no all-out flying yet. Maybe that will be something that Jones finally masters in Season 2.

But the real important thing about Jessica Jones' powers aren't what they are, but where they are from. Season 1 of Jessica Jones kept the origin of her powers a mystery — all we knew was that sometime after her parents and brother died in a car crash when she was a kid, she discovered her super strength. The new season promises to go more in depth about Jessica Jones' origin story as a superhero, hopefully explaining the source of her powers. Now that Jones has dispatched of Kilgrave, Season 2 of Jessica Jones will turn her attention towards IGH, the shadowy government organization that Trish Walker started uncovering towards the end of Season 1.

We don't know much about IGH yet, but it certainly seems to be connected to Jessica Jones' powers. Trish Walker discovered that Dr. Kozlov was an IGH agent, and he was the man that provided Will Simpson with those red pills that gave him superhuman strength. Walker started to think that IGH may have also been involved in how Jones obtained her superpowers, but that investigation had to be put on hold while they focused on taking down Kilgrave. With Kilgrave dead, Walker and Jones are now freed up to look into IGH in Season 2.

If Season 2 of Jessica Jones does turn its focus on IGH, then viewers can be pretty sure that the mystery of how Jones got her powers will be at the center of the new story. Even more exciting, the prospect of investigating the source of Jones' superpowers could possibly lead to new superheroes popping up within the Jessica Jones world. In particular, the Marvel comics version of Trish Walker actually develops superpowers of her own. As Hellcat, Walker gained psychic abilities, which allow her to project forcefields and make use of enhanced instincts. There hasn't been any real indication that the Jessica Jones series will follow the comics in regard to Walker's character, but if the show does decide to give Jones' bestie some powers of her own, this might be a good season to go for it, since IGH is clearly known for its ability to give out superpowers. We'll have to wait and see what the show has in store for Walker.

Fans are sure to get a better understanding of Jessica Jones' superpowers when Season 2 of Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on Thursday, March 8.