This 'Jessica Jones' Cliffhanger Could Spell Trouble For Season 3

by Dylan Kickham

We all know that Jessica Jones isn't exactly a pro at making friends, but even she managed to have a couple close allies to help her out. Or at least... she did at one point. By the end of Jessica Jones Season 2, our titular private investigator has managed to completely isolate herself, even from her ride-or-die best friends Trish and Malcolm. Oh, and not only is she just not talking with them, but it looks like Malcolm is actively conspiring against her. That's right, I'm talking about that final scene in Jeri's apartment: What are Jeri and Malcolm plotting against Jessica Jones anyway, and how will their newfound alliance impact a potential third season of the show?

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot points from throughout the second season of Jessica Jones, so don't read on if you haven't finished it for yourself yet. Throughout the newly releases Season 2 of Jessica Jones, Malcolm has taken on the new role of being a PI-in-training under Jessica's tutelage. There's only one catch: Jessica Jones is not exactly the most nurturing teacher. As Malcolm tries to learn the ropes in detective work, Jessica continually brushes him off. Obviously, having to deal with the fact that her once-thought-dead mother is alive and has superpowers and is murdering people is pretty distracting, and Jessica puts Malcolm's training on the back-burner in order to figure out her ridiculous amount of mommy issues. While, yeah, it's somewhat understandable, the constant dismissal definitely takes its toll on Malcolm as the season progresses.

This building need to prove himself to Jessica, along with his budding romantic relationship with Trish, eventually leads Malcolm to help Trish track down Dr. Karl and get her another one of those superpower inhalers that she had become so addicted to. Of course, Jessica finding out that he adoptive sister is basically relapsing her drug addiction does not make her very happy with Malcolm, and the two have a huge argument. The fight ends with Jessica firing Malcolm from Alias Investigations and ordering him to stay away from her.

What Jessica Jones didn't realize, though, is that Malcolm actually did pick up a thing or two while working at Alias Investigations. While Jessica was busy dealing with her murderous mommy, Malcolm was taking on her other cases, specifically Jeri Hogarth's request to get dirt on her fellow partners at her law firm in order to stop them from trying to oust her. Malcolm pulls through for Jeri, getting video evidence of the partners admitting to laundering drug money, and Jeri rewards him with a big check. But the money isn't all that Malcolm wanted — now that he's a free agent, he asked Jeri for a partnership. Jeri initially refused, but that seemed to change in the final scene of the season.

In the end, we see that Malcolm has actually taken a job with Pryce Cheng, Jessica Jones' rival PI who has been trying to take her down all season. As if teaming up with Jessica's enemy wasn't enough, Malcolm is also making a deal that sounds like it could spell out bad things for Jessica. As Pryce and Malcolm sit down in Jeri's apartment, she tells them that she wants to hire them for a job, but they cannot tell Jessica about it. Sounds sketchy, huh? Obviously, Pryce has no problem with keeping Jessica out of this, but the real shock is that Malcolm also happily agrees to go behind Jessica's back with this mysterious new job. We don't really get any clues about what Jeri's job could be, but obviously it will be dangerous and it will be something that Jessica Jones won't like. Looks like Malcolm and Jessica's friendship really is over.