'Westworld' Just Trolled Its Fans So Hard With A Ridiculous Season 2 Spoilers Video


It has been a roller-coaster week for Westworld fans. On Monday, showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan took part in a Reddit AMA, and they told the website that they were considering uploading a video filled with Season 2 spoilers. Later that night, Nolan posted a link to a YouTube video, only to reveal that he and Joy were trolling fans all along. The Westworld Season 2 spoilers are fake, as it turns out, even though technically the video that Nolan and Joy shared does include new footage in the park with the main cast acting out new scenes.

Although the new Westworld Season 2 video definitely seems to be legit at the beginning — we see Bernard wake up on a strange beach, and Delos head of security Karl Strand (new cast member Gustaf Skarsgård) leads him through a litter of dead bodies that trigger a memory in him. Bernard is transported back to the Westworld town, but as he looks around, everything freeze and music starts up. In the middle of the road, Clementine is playing the piano and Dolores starts singing. Or actually, since they are dressed in normal clothes, it might be more accurate to say that actors Angela Sarafyan and Evan Rachel Wood are performing, rather than their characters. Anyway, the important thing is what song the two woman are performing...

Yep... it's "Never Gonna Give You Up," the Rick Astley song that has become synonymous with Internet pranks over the years. We just got Rickrolled by Westworld, you guys.

As if the Rickrolling wasn't enough, the next 20 minutes of the video just focus on black-and-white footage of a dog sitting in front of the piano. Right before the video ends, a title card reads "For Bento, 2009 - 2018," revealing that the footage of that piano dog we just watched for 20 minutes was a tribute to the recently deceased Internet sensation Keyboard Cat, who was named Bento.

And that's it. No spoilers at all, just one big "Gotcha!" from the Westworld creators. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy set up this prank on Monday afternoon during a Reddit AMA, in which they announced that if the website showed enough interest, they would release a video outlining the entire plot of Season 2, complete with every big reveal, twist, death, etc. In their post, Nolan and Joy explained that they hoped this decision would combat spoilers getting leaked or guessed during the new season, citing how Game of Thrones book-readers largely did not share spoilers with fans who only watched the TV series


That post blew up pretty much immediately. The showrunners did a really good job of convincing most fans that they were for real about this plan, and a lot of debate broke out over whether this spoiler video was something fans really wanted or not. There were also a number of people who voiced their skepticism about the post, theorizing that if Nolan and Joy do release a video, it could contain completely false spoilers in order to throw fans off from what to expect.

But I don't think anyone saw a Rickroll coming. It felt like a bit of delayed timing, considering that April Fools' Day was last week... but then again, if Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy put up that spoiler video post on April 1, everyone would have immediately known that it was just a prank. I guess waiting a week and a couple days was one more way for the Westworld team to ensure that we had no idea what was coming.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, April 22 on HBO.