Wendy's Super Bowl Commercial Disses McDonald's & It's So, So Brutal


Talk about beef. (HAHA, I hate myself.) Wendy's Super Bowl Commercial disses McDonald's so hard, I can almost feel the burn from here. Listen, I don't know what it's like to be a fast food franchise, but based on this commercial, it looks like it's an extremely personal world to live in. Ya know, similar to being a teenage girl, except you make and serve french fries for the masses and don't have to worry about learning how to use a tampon.

Wow, I digress.

As you guys know, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, Feb. 4, which means ad companies are working overtime to bring you the best campaigns and commercials this year. According to Sports Illustrated, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs at least 5 million dollars to make. That's 5 million dollars worth of angst Wendy's has built up over the years against their largest competitor. Sure, the production quality of the commercial is paired down and it's a whole lot of reading to get the full message, but still. It sounds like a lot of money went into this thing.

If you guys know anything about fast food, you know that Wendy's whole "thing" is they serve their beef fresh, never frozen. Most other fast food restaurants (cough McDonald's cough) freeze their food to "keep it fresh."

That's the gist of Wendy's Super Bowl commercial. Take a look:

Wendy's on YouTube

In the commercial, Wendy's literally spells out the following message:

SASSY, right? You know it's serious when franchises resort to name calling. (Great message for the kids, BTW.) I'm not saying fresh beef is bad, I'm just saying I sure had to do a lot of reading to get the full message from a commercial that cost around 5 million dollars. Also, what even is a Dave's Double? Can you tell me that, Wendy's commercial?

Last year at the 2017 Super Bowl, Wendy's highlighted their "fresh, never frozen" slogan by showing a massive frozen beef storage unit. They labeled the freezer "Othr Guys LLC," which was an obvious passive-aggressive wink at their competitors. This year, they went with a much more direct, "HEY, MCDONALD'S. F YOU."

ABC Action News on YouTube

Plus, Wendy's is familiar with making things personal. Earlier this year, McDonald's announced on Twitter their Quarter Pounder burgers will be made with fresh beef in "most" of their restaurants. Wendy's obviously couldn't let that slide. They responded, asking,

I'm not a vegetarian or anything, but can we stop with the close-up slow-motion shots of raw beef? Also, asking for a friend.

Wendy's' CEO, Todd Penegor, told CNBC's "Power Lunch,"

He added,

I guess amplifying means dissing competitors on sports' biggest day.

Tune in to catch the commercial IRL during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 4, on NBC.

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