This Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream Is Serving Up Every Color Of The Rainbow in Walmart’s Freezer Section

Courtesy of Walmart.

Adulting is hard, y'all, but taking a break from reality is now as easy as heading to the freezer section on your next groceries run, thanks to Walmart’s new Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream. Featuring swirls of cake flavoring, purple frosting, and chunks of candy confetti in each colorful scoop, it's a magical treat that you'll definitely want to stock up on. While you might not be able to meet a unicorn IRL, I'm so here for this impossibly 'Gram-worthy and non-mythical substitute, which is now available for purchase at Walmart stores, according to Delish.

When I saw that Walmart's in-house Great Value brand was debuting the new option, I'll admit that I was initially scratching over my head over what exactly "unicorn sparkle" tastes like. While I'm all for the unicorn-inspired bites and sips trend, I wanted to know exactly what I'm getting into before cramming my freezer with a few of these 48-ounce tubs. Well, based on the product description, Walmart definitely delivered, because this new offering sounds like it's basically a funfetti-topped birthday cake that's been packed into a pint of creamy goodness. In other words, it's the drool-worthy creation that you need, not want, in your freezer, because let's be real: What's more magical than the combination of cake and ice cream?

Before you head to your nearest Walmart store, let's dig into what you can expect from this tasty pint. First of all, you'll be treating yourself to cake-flavored ice cream featuring a "magical purple frosting swirl and candy confetti pieces," according to the product packaging. Just in case you were wondering, you can rest easy knowing that the packaging clarifies that this treat does not contain real unicorns, but that doesn't make it any less magical. The multi-hued treat will keep your sugar cravings at bay while serving up some serious inspiration for the 'Gram, and I'd recommend pairing it with some funfetti cake or eating it solo with rainbow sprinkles to up the ante.

In addition to the ice cream's Instagram-ready appearance, you'll also love the fact that Walmart is jumping on the one-horned bandwagon with a magical price: According to Delish, the superstore is selling each 48-ounce tub of ice cream for just $2.97, which is a total steal. Whenever you need a break from adulting, you can rest easy knowing that this cake-flavored homage to everyone's favorite mythical beast is waiting for you in your freezer, and the best part is that it won't break the bank to replenish your stock as often as you want.

Whether you're having a weeknight Netflix n' chill session, hanging out with your besties, or enjoying a date night with bae, you'll want to bring out this ice cream to add a little sparkle to the occasion.

With all the new bites and sips that have been rolling out over the past few days, Walmart's Unicorn Sparkle ice cream is just further proof that patio season is about to be the most delicious one yet. Unfortunately, there's no telling how long the retailer will be offering the new flavor, so I'd recommend heading to your closest Walmart sometime this week and stocking up on the mythical flavor.