9 Things To Remember About 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Before Season 8 Premieres

by Ani Bundel

For fans of The Walking Dead, the new season is promising no less than "all out war." Launching the upcoming Season 8 with its 100th episode, the show is hitting several milestones at once. But while we wait for Negan's war to fall upon our heads in a major way, let us review what went down last season with a full The Walking Dead Season 7 recap as we prep for the next season to arrive on Sunday, Oct. 22.

One of the more impressive things that The Walking Dead has accomplished over their seven, and soon to be eight, season run is how closely it's adhered to the comic books. Even as late as last year, entire passages of dialogue came directly off the page and into the mouths of characters. To be able to stay that faithful to the source material for that long was something Game of Thrones couldn't manage, even when it had so much source material to work from.

Season 7 covered the comics' material from roughly the point of Issue 103 to Issue 114. Some fans think this coming season will cover through Issue 126, encompassing the total of Negan's War, though others think that might be a little squashed.

So where are we?

Negan Murdered Abraham & Glenn


Let's start where Season 7 started. After tons of hope that like Game of Thrones, Glenn would be spared Jon Snow-style, The Walking Dead refused to be so kind. Negan murdered both in cold ugly blood, setting a sour tone for the first half of the year.

Welcome To The Kingdom

We spent a good amount of time getting to know the community named "The Kingdom," where Morgan and Carol wound up while Carol healed from her wounds. Morgan became a full-fledged trusted member, while Carol decided to leave again once she was better, but not before she seriously bonded with the Kingdom's leader, Ezekiel.

Judith Isn't Rick's Child, But He Doesn't Care

Rick told Michonne that Judith is actually Shane's, but he loves the kid like a daughter, and he'll do anything to keep her and Carl safe. Even if it means staying in Alexandria with Negan's boot to their throat.

Sasha & Maggie Save Hilltop


At out third and final community, Sansa and Maggie stop a Walker invasion sent by the Saviors, along with Jesus. Even so, Hilltop's leader, Gregory, doesn't trust them an inch, even if the rest of the group is ready to accept them with open arms.

Carl Heads To Sanctuary

Why does Carl go to the Saviors' compound ironically called The Sanctuary? To try to kill him without a real plan, of course. Luckily, Carl survives, but we still had to see more of Negan's cruelty. He is at least impressed enough with Carl not to kill him outright, just psychologically torture him a bit, before taking him back to Alexandria.

Daryl Escapes The Sanctuary


This is a big one, since when Daryl gets to Hilltop, Rick is there and the two of them (along with Jesus) start discussing a plan to fight back against Negan's monsters. This is also when Jesus takes Rick to meet with Ezekiel, who wants Hilltop to join the fight despite the fact that their leader, Gregory, is useless.

Rick Brings Aboard The Scavengers... Or So He Thinks

Also joining the growing rebellion against Negan and company, the Scavengers, who have colonized "the junkyard" not from from Alexandria. Getting their leader Jadis to agree to play turncoat on Negan was the final piece of the puzzle, however, they turned on Rick at the last moment.

Sasha's Sacrifice

Everyone wanted Negan's head, but it was Sasha who took the biggest plunge to go after him. Of course, like everyone who goes after Negan, she was caught and turned into a prisoner. What Negan didn't expect was for Sasha to turn herself into a walker to try and kill him, which didn't work either.

The Communities Are United

Jadis may have decided to switch sides again and join Negan at the last minute, but it turned out Rick didn't need the Scavengers after all. The Kingdom, Hilltop, and Alexandria are now united as "The Militia" as we begin Season 8, and Negan is mad as hell about it.

Hence the promise of a full scale war when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m.