Vinny From 'Jersey Shore' Has A Supportive Message For JWoww & Ronnie Amid Their Breakups

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Vinny Guadagnino had some supportive words for his Jersey Shore castmates amid some very public and very unfortunate breakups. In a recent interview with E! News, Guadagnino opened up about where he stands in relation to Ronnie Magro and JWoww’s respective breakups. And believe me when I say that you’ll want him as a friend when you read his comments. Vinny Guadagnino’s comments about JWoww and Ronnie Magro are really mature and supportive.

When asked by E! News about JWoww and Magro’s recent breakups, Guadagnino had only positive things to say about his Jersey Shore castmates. Of Magro, Guadagnino said that he reached out to him after his split from Jen Harley but hasn’t "really spoken to him."

"I just want him to know I am here for him," Guadagnino said of Magro’s breakup. "We are here for him as a safety net."

According to a Jan. 2 report from Us Weekly, Magro and Harley broke up on New Year’s Eve after spending the second half of 2018 trying to work their relationship out. Elite Daily reached out to Magro’s team for comment at the time but did not hear back. In any case, an insider source for Us Weekly provided some reported details about the breakup.

“Ronnie and Jen got into a fight on New Year’s Eve. They broke up before New Year’s Eve, got back together right before then and got in a big fight on Monday night,” the source told Us Weekly.

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That insider also revealed what’s been relatively obvious for a while: that the relationship often took heated turns.

“They’re currently broken up. But it’s the same story every time: They are together, they fight, they break up and then get back together,” the source said. “They fight — a lot. They have a very volatile relationship. It’s either great or the total opposite.”

Sadly, the end of Magro’s relationship with Harley means the two will have to co-parent their baby girl, Ariana. So, it makes sense that Guadagnino would offer support to his friend in any way he can.

As for JWoww, Guadagnino also had some great words of respect and support for her amid her divorce from husband Roger Mathews.

"She's like the exact example to follow when you have to go through something like that publicly, because she's not impulsive; she doesn't react on emotions, she's like smart,” Guadagnino said of his friend.

News of JWoww’s split from Mathews first broke in September 2018, when Ashbury Park Press reported that JWoww had filed for divorce. According their report, JWoww's petition for divorce called for a dissolution of marriage.

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“The Plaintiff and the Defendant have irreconcilable differences which have caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months, which make it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation," the complaint said.

Elite Daily reached out to the couple’s reps for comment at the time, but did not hear back.

While all these Jersey Shore related breakups are definitely sad, it’s nice to know that people like Guadagnino have Magro and JWoww’s backs at such a sensitive time.