You'll Never Relate To Anything More Than The Dresses At Viktor & Rolf's Spring Couture Line

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While personally, drooling over the haute couture designs shown at Fashion Weeks worldwide is one of my favorite pastimes, I get that not everyone is into it. I like imagining a world in which I could actually wear these masterpieces, but I can totally see why the whole thing feels less than relatable, and therefore uninteresting. That said, Viktor & Rolf's Spring 2019 Couture Collection certainly gave us all something to relate to, and if you haven't laid eyes on it yet, prepare to feel as if the designers read your text messages and your mind, because I guarantee it will resonate with you in a big, big way.

On Wednesday, January 23, Viktor & Rolf held a show in Paris for their latest collection and came fully prepared to make a statement. "Power moves only," I assume they must've said whilst sketching up the designs, and honey, they delivered. Haute couture is typically defined by luxe fabrics, elegant silhouettes, unfathomable price tags, and bold statements, and it appears that this time around, the emphasis was on the latter. While the show did include a variety of breathtaking gowns, each dress featured a phrase in bold uppercase letters, applied overtop as if screenprinted onto a slogan tee, or typed across a meme.

The result? The most relatable haute couture pieces ever:

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There's no editing here, people. That gorgeous purple tulle gown does in fact bear the fuzzy phrase, "Sorry I'm late I didn't want to come." Big. Freaking. Mood. Am I right? I momentarily debated selling all my belongings and forking over my life's savings just to own this dress, but after considering its accuracy in that I never want to go anywhere, I realized that no one would get to see it, and I changed my mind. So it goes.

Anyway, back to the magic:

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I've never felt so seen:

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“To what extent can you say something with clothing, literally,” designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren told Vogue backstage at the show. Clearly, they decided to find out for themselves, and the resulting collection basically broke Instagram in a way no Kardashian ever could — unless, of course, Viktor & Rolf manages to get Kim K herself in a bodycon version of one of these masterpieces.

Of course, the simple (using that word loosely, here) flat-out "No" dress was a social media favorite, and will no doubt be used in at least 100 of my forthcoming Twitter replies:

I want so badly to talk to the photographer who snapped a pic of the "No photos, please" dress, because that was a ballsy move:

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Suddenly, I don't want a wedding dress, only a divorce dress:


Many will look at these gowns, give a chuckle or even a Retweet, and go on with their scrolling, but I hope some people take the time to look beyond the felt appliques and appreciate the designs themselves. If Viktor & Rolf truly didn't give a damn, as the slogans imply, they could've had these models in simple gowns, but they went big — supersized, in fact — with true haute couture glamour, only then adding on the fun phrases overtop. Each of the gowns is as stunning as the slogans are relatable, and with or without the meme potential, I would've loved this collection. Still, bonus points have been awarded for the very relatable content, and they're certainly well-deserved.