Videos Of Insane Traffic For Thanksgiving 2017 Will Make You Super Excited To Drive Home

by Collette Reitz
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Holiday travel tends to be less than leisurely. You've got traffic, long airport lines, and then (unfortunately) more traffic. The double bummer is that due to most people's schedules, there is no surefire way to avoid it. If you haven't left for your holiday yet, then take a look at these videos of Thanksgiving 2017 traffic, and prepare yourself for the worst.

Even though the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel day of the year, Tuesday decided to give travelers a little pre-holiday taste of its version bumper-to-bumper traffic. Sadly (for the drivers), it did not disappoint. ABC News tweeted out a video of traffic in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Nov. 21. The nighttime video shows one of the LA freeways almost completely gridlocked.

Since the video was taken after the sun had gone down, it's easy to track the cars' movement (or lack thereof) thanks to the headlights and taillights on the vehicles. The sheer number of cars on the road is definitely overwhelming, but it really is quite a scene to behold. The video itself is actually somewhat mesmerizing (thanks, in part, to the music added to the video by ABC News).

Here are the roads on Tuesday, Nov. 21 in Los Angeles.

Of course, if you're driving one of the cars (or you're soon to be one of those drivers) featured in this video, then you probably don't have the same appreciation for this video as individuals who won't have to deal with the traffic.

Odds are, though, that not many people will be able to count themselves as the lucky ones safe from holiday traffic. According to ABC News, 50.9 million Americans are expected to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday, so if you're one of them, you'd better get a good look at what's happening on the roads already.

CNN posted some footage of the Los Angeles freeway doubling as a parking lot.

The first zoomed-out view of this Fox News video will have you shook.

If these videos are making you think twice about grabbing your keys and heading out on your Thanksgiving road trip, take a cue from some of these Twitter responses and learn to laugh about it. Seriously, you'll want to keep your sense of humor about you when your speedometer doesn't reach above 15 mph during your trip.

Los Angeles natives aren't really fazed by the sight of this gridlock.

Like, really, they deal with this all the time.

This guy will make you feel thankful that you only have to deal with traffic on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Eve looks more like the beginning of Christmas with all those lights.

I think the moral of the story here is that if you live in Los Angeles, your everyday commute is training for the biggest travel day of the year.

Angelenos aren't the only ones heading out for the Thanksgiving holiday, though. In fact, more people than ever are hitting the road to see loved ones. According to ABC News, the 50.9 million Americans traveling this Thanksgiving holiday is a 3.3 percent increase from Thanksgiving 2016's holiday travel headcount of 48 million.

So, if you're traveling from LA, sorry about the traffic (but thanks for the cool videos), and if you're hitting the road from anywhere else, just be grateful that you're not stuck in LA traffic.

If you want to try making things a little easier on yourself, you should check out the best time to drive on Thanksgiving morning to avoid as much traffic as possible. And then, maybe make some good playlists or download the latest episodes of your favorite podcast to help pass the time — just in case.

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