Victoria Fuller Might Have Thrown Major Shade At Chris Soules On IG

by Candice Jalili

Are you a human being who's ever been annoyed at someone? OK, then you'll probably find Victoria Fuller's Instagram possibly shading Chris Soules, whom she's been dating since this spring, to be excessively relatable. On Aug. 28, Fuller posted a picture of herself posing in a black bikini. She paired the picture with this caption:

When ur sittin there.. waiting for him to apologize but he don’t know he did something wrong bc u didn’t tell him bc he should know 🙃

Now, of course, Fuller didn't specify exactly who she was shading in her caption, but odds are it was her boyfriend Soules. Rumors the two were seeing each other started swirling in April. The two played it relatively coy until July 21 when Fuller confirmed they were in a relationship during an interview with People. "We're really happy," she gushed. "The last few months have been really special for us. We're enjoying each other!"

In the same interview, Fuller also noted that they have a pretty chill approach to handling their long-distance relationship. "We don't really have a system, but the amazing thing about him is that he never puts pressure on our relationship or wants to put a timeline on it," she told People. "We are learning and we're growing and we're figuring each other out."

Here's to hoping shady Instagrams are just part of that whole "learning and growing" process!