Tatcha's Founder Vicky Tsai Had An Important Lesson For Fans In Her SEPHORiA Masterclass — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of Sephora

If you're lucky enough to be a Sephora Rouge member who lives in or near Houston, Texas, then perhaps you were among the beauty super fans who attended Vicky Tsai's SEPHORiA Masterclass Tour session earlier this month on July 13. The founder of cult-favorite Japanese beauty brand Tatcha dished on all things skincare, specifically her core skincare ritual using Tatcha products, while also imparting an important message to attendees: that skincare is self-care. If you've ever indulged in a relaxing face mask and bubblebath situation after an especially stressful day, then you know how real that is for some people!

An extension of Sephora's SEPHORiA House of Beauty, the Masterclass Tour was created so that Sephora Rouge members in Houston and San Francisco could access classes taught by two industry heavyweights: Tsai and Fenty Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist, Hector Espinal.

"Sephora has built an incredible community of self-expression; Sephoria is one way to celebrate their diverse view of beauty," Tsai tells Elite Daily exclusively about why she wanted to join the masterclass tour. "We love our clients and to be able to connect with them directly means so much to us. Joining the Masterclass Tour was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them and hear their stories."

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If you think about it, it makes sense that the head of a beauty brand would want to engage one-on-one with fans. Skincare is an extremely personal thing, so understanding what customers are looking for or have questions about and then being able to address those things is not only professionally valuable, but gratifying. "At Tatcha, we consider skincare to be self-care; when someone asks me about their skin, they often tell me about their life," says Tsai. "Hearing their stories and knowing they have trusted us to be part of their journey was incredibly touching."

If you missed out on Tsai's Houston masterclass but are dying to connect with the skincare whiz IRL (or if you simply want to double down on her knowledge drops), fear not: she'll be hosting an additional masterclass at the SEPHORiA House of Beauty event, so snag your tickets now! The content of her classes changes up a bit, so there'll be plenty of new tips to glean. As Tsai explains, "Our goal is always to connect with clients and share our philosophies of wellness from skin to soul. There are many different topics within that, so we are changing the itinerary a bit for each location."

Taking place in Los Angeles on Sep. 7 and 8, SEPHORiA House of Beauty boasts 60+ experiences for attendees to partake in. From masterclasses and glam rooms to free swag and a beauty insider community cafe, it's basically a makeup, skincare, and haircare lover's dream. Even more, in addition to Tsai, SEPHORiA attendees can also learn tips from the likes of NikkieTutorials, Patrick Ta, and Natasha Denona. And you might even catch a glimpse of beauty industry faves like Manny MUA, Christen Dominique, and more. Tickets are currently on sale, with General Admission priced at $80 and VIP at $350. Seeing as nearly 5,000 people bought tickets to last year's inaugural event, you'll want to snag yours ASAP.

What can you expect to walk away from a masterclass with, at least if you attend Tsai's class? "I hope everyone will leave with a different relationship with their skin, and a deeper understanding of skincare as self-care," she says. An opportunity to learn how to use something you already love to further benefit you from a pro? Absolutely worth it.