Here's What Venus In Leo Is About To Do For Your Love Life

Come on, just admit it. You know you love having all eyes on you and being adored. Even the most shy and humble of us all can't deny that being desired by everyone in the room is an amazing feeling. However, for as exhilarating being the center of attention may be, you also don't want to come across as arrogant or vain, either. There's a fine line separating bashful acceptance of everyone's affection and a greedy hunger for more. When Venus in Leo 2018 begins on June 13, you won't need to worry about crossing it. In fact, there's no better time to revel in your own lovable glory.

Because Venus rules over the way we give and receive affection, the transitions it makes through each zodiac sign changes the temperature of our love lives. When Venus enters Leo, your world is flushed by a glamorous heat. This audacious fire sign will never say no to more roses, to more jewelry, to more anything. While other zodiac signs might prefer a softer and more subdued exchange of desire, Leo wants romance to resemble an effervescent Broadway show where each declaration of love is followed by a song and a glittering dance number. If you've been craving some excitement in your love life, you have no idea just how many thrills you're in for.

Desiring Nothing Less Than Complete & Utter Devotion

While people always say that you deserve someone who treats you like a queen, it's difficult to find someone who actually will. Holding your affections back until you find someone who is truly worthy of them is always easier said than done. Doubt can sink into your heart, pushing you to take a chance on a disappointing lover in the hopes that eventually, they'll change. This often leads to us settling for unfulfilling partnerships where we're constantly questioning if the love is truly there.

However, when Venus is in Leo, you won't stand for half-baked forms of romance; not even for one moment. If your lover is not willing to shower you with undying love and commit to the relationship with uncompromising loyalty, you will promptly show them the door.

Sure, this could potentially make you a demanding lover for a while. However, it's important that you keep suitors on their toes by making them realize just how rare of a catch you are. It's even more important that you realize it yourself.

Extravagant Displays Of Affection

During Venus in Leo, you may become what some unoriginal people like to call "high-maintenance." However, this is observation contains a complete and total lack of imagination. When Venus is rolling through the most theatrical zodiac sign of all, you'll find yourself desiring creative, unique, and emphatic forms of affection, where you're both willing to scream your love for each other from the hilltops.

If your lover is willing to put in the work and prove just how infatuated with you they are, you better believe that you'll be willing to reciprocate that same level of intense affection. It's a common misconception that Leo is innately selfish. On the contrary, Leo is one of the most overwhelmingly generous signs in all the zodiac. However, in order to reap the benefits of their generosity, you must first prove that you're willing to be generous too. A Leo's "selfishness" is actually a core of self-respect. They refuse to keep on giving if they're not also receiving.

Shamelessly Showing Off How Amazing You Are

While Venus has everything to do with your love life, it also has to do with the way you indulge in pleasure and infuse it with your entire life. When Venus is in Leo, the most satisfying romance you'll have is the one you engage in with yourself. Leo is fully aware of its charm, talent, and beauty, believing it would be a travesty to tuck all these amazing attributes away from the world. Under Leo's fire, you'll find yourself reveling in your glory as though you're leaving a trail of diamonds behind wherever you go.

When you start to believe, from the bottom of your heart, that you deserve all the attention in the world, you inevitably attract it with a wild fervor. Allow Venus in Leo to teach you everything there is to know about love, because it always begins with you.