Venus In Gemini Is Making You Irresistible, So Ask Out Your Crush Now

We all know the awkwardness of attempting to flirt with your crush. You muster up the courage to sweep them off their feet, only to stumble over your words, feel the heat rising in your cheeks, and make a total fool of yourself. You wish you never even bothered in the first place! If this sounds familiar, prepare to feel like a regular Casanova soon enough because starting April 24, Venus in Gemini 2018 will take your flirting game to a whole new level.

Venus rules over love, affection, romance, and friendship in astrology. As it moves through the course of its orbit around the sun, the world is flushed through the lens of each zodiac sign it passes through. When Venus is in Gemini, the most flirtatious and playful sign of all, our love lives begin to twinkle and twirl. If you're not normally a smooth talker, you'll suddenly find yourself flourishing with clever remarks and dazzling wit. You'll be delving into stimulating conversations with ease, working the room like a glittering fairy, enchanting everyone you meet. Let this charismatic magic help you meet new people, widen your social circle, and remind you of just how entertaining and magnetic your presence truly is. If you don't normally have the right words, Venus in Gemini will help you find them.

Charming And Playful Conversations

Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication and coordination, Gemini is all too concerned with matters of the mind. Connecting with someone intellectually is of the utmost importance to them. When Venus is in Gemini, you'll find yourself brimming with things to say, all of it clever, intelligent, and interesting. Instead of letting your thoughts swirl inside you, remaining unsaid, you'll feel like setting it all free so that your essence may affect the rest of the world. You will also find yourself wanting to know more about people, wanting to understand their perspectives and nudge them into a battle of wits.

These conversations will all be light-hearted and playful rather than deep, dark, and serious. They'll resemble clever banter from a sitcom rather than heavy unspoken moments from a dramatic masterpiece. Gemini prefers to tread the surface of things and flit from flower to flower, seeing all there is to see without getting too attached.

Curiosity And Social Exploration

Not only will Venus in Gemini infuse your love life with whimsy, you'll notice its sparkling effects tinging your entire social circle. Suddenly, everyone will feel like taking things easy, going with the flow, and having fun. Gemini believes that life is too short to remain hung up on every little thing that goes wrong, so you might as well forgive, move on, and enjoy yourself. Gemini is also not afraid to reach out to others, explore their options, and try new things. Their fueling force is always curiosity and they require spice in life, variety, and excitement. You'll feel this way while Venus is in Gemini too.

A downside here is that you might find yourself becoming bored easily and restless if you're not stimulated for too long. It might be harder to forge lasting relationships during this time because the more tedious aspects of the "getting to know each other" process will be a lot more difficult to get through. Try not to be too possessive or controlling of others, for we all just want to have the freedom to explore however we see fit.

Flirtatious, Perhaps A Little Too Flirtatious

Gemini is so talented at sweet-talking that they often find themselves flirting their way into uncomfortable situations. While they think they're just being friendly and charismatic, others might think they're seriously interested in them. Take care not to lead someone on too far and keep your flirtations in check. If you're single, you might seduce someone until they're a puppy that follows you everywhere you go — someone you can't get rid of without hurting their feelings. If you're in a relationship, you might inadvertently make your partner jealous over what you saw as an innocent conversation that meant nothing. During Venus in Gemini, you might you get carried away with your charm. There's no reason why you can't revel in how fascinating you are, just as long as you remember not to cross the line.