With Venus In Gemini, You're Going To Feel Extra Flirtatious

You know that lovely feeling where everyone in the room is fully engaged in gorgeous conversation? The ideas are bouncing from one person to another, everyone has a fascinating opinion, and all the right words are just rolling off your tongue? That, my friend, is Venus in Gemini at its prime. So what happens when you mix together the planet of love (Venus) and Gemini, the zodiac sign of communication? It results in a whole lot of human connection and intellectual exploration. Are you ready for Venus in Gemini 2019? When it takes place between June 8 and July 3, it will expand not just your mind, but also your relationships.

Someone who has Venus in Gemini (*cough* yours truly *cough*) values variety and an open mind. In love, they need to communicate with their partner like they need to inhale oxygen. They want to engage in long conversations about anything and everything under the sun. They desire the space to explore and test the limits of who they are. If you expect a rigid schedule and a constant flow of predictability, then Venus in Gemini will feel suffocating. Expect this free-spirited energy to swirl around your entire social life. Watch this transit infuse you with a magically fast-paced way of thinking and a supernatural ability to multitask. Venus in Gemini enjoys a little bit of everything, so help yourself to a taste of it all.

There's No Time For Boredom, So Keep Your Mind Busy

I bet you've heard all about how Gemini, as a zodiac sign, is infamous for becoming easily bored. That's because their mind is a roadrunner charging through several ideas at once. When the excitement comes to a standstill, a Gemini feels like they're pressing on the gas and the break at the same time. To combat this awkward and anxiety-inducing feeling, stay busy. You'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish in a day when Venus is in Gemini. Spend this time reading all about subjects you care about, analyzing concepts, and filling your brain with knowledge.

In your love life, this energy can rejuvenate a stale romance. Mix things up with out-of-the-ordinary dates and spontaneous excitement. If nothing interesting is happening, you could grow bored of your relationship.

Banish Co-dependent Tendencies And Become More Independent

Don't expect to be insulated in your own little world when Venus is in Gemini. You'll want to get out there, meet loads of interesting people, and enjoy the spice of life. Inhibiting, possessive, and co-dependent patterns in your relationship will reveal themselves. This will inspire you to become more independent in your partnerships because it encourages you to become your own person. You don't want to allow your commitment to someone else to diminish your sense of self.

Establishing boundaries and personal freedom is essential during this transit, especially because Venus will form a square with Neptune, planet of illusions and rose-colored glasses on June 23. You might not be seeing things clearly during this time, especially when it comes to your relationships. You may idealize a bad romance or let your paranoia get in the way of a partnership with potential. Spend time focusing on your needs and concentrate on reality.

Indulge In Some Dirty Talk, Intellectual Connection, And Laughter

One thing's for sure: Venus in Gemini is all about having a good laugh and reveling in the way words and social interaction can connect us. This is the most beautiful form of extroverted energy, and even if you're more of an introvert, you'll find yourself coming out of your shell more than usual. It's easy to connect with all types of people, even if you may disagree on some things, because Gemini is a mutable air sign that can see both sides of a situation. Oh, and let's not forget just how much Gemini loves to flirt. Expect to make lots of people blush without even trying.

When Venus forms an opposition with expansive, philosophical, and bigger-is-better Jupiter, this friendly and optimistic energy will skyrocket. Attend some parties, gather with friends, and get to know some people. However, keep in mind that Jupiter can be gluttonous, so keep one foot on the ground as you explore all that the world can offer.