If You've Been Craving A Serious Relationship, You Can Blame Venus In Capricorn

by Valerie Mesa

Days go by and seasons change, but as the planets continue to wander through the zodiac wheel, we, too, continue to greet the many faces of Mother Nature, along with her divine celestial energies. Speaking of divine energy, Venus in Capricorn 2019 is right around the corner, which means the planet of love will no longer be frolicking through the adventurous sign of the archer. Just a reminder: Venus is a symbol of love, relationships, pleasure, and values. Also, just so you know, the energy of this heavenly body goes hand-in-hand with the goddess Aphrodite in Roman mythology: vain, jealous, languorous, self-indulgent, alluring, and irresistibly charming.

TBH, I have a way of envisioning Venus through the signs in my head, and maybe it will resonate with you, too. So, imagine Venus standing in front of an elegant armoire, and when she opens it, there are 12 gorgeous gowns: one for each zodiac sign. Now, one thing's for sure, Venus in Sagittarius is not Venus in Capricorn, and vise versa. The magical part about this is that Venus' overall values, relationship style, and sense of beauty change according to the sign she's traveling through, or as I would say, "wearing." Does that make sense?

Alright, so now that you've got the gist on gorgeous Venus, let's see how we combine her lavish and relationship-loving ways with Capricorn's pragmatism and oh-so-serious approach. For instance, in Sagittarius, the goddess of love morphed into a free-spirited wanderess, who felt a burning fire for every experience, and saw love as a gamble. During this astrological transit, the majority of us suddenly started to crave spontaneous experiences and worldly interactions. This energy quenched our thirst for knowledge, travel, and higher learning. I have to admit, Sagittarius isn't necessarily Venus' forte, but she still went ahead lured us into Jupiter's territory, where we suddenly began to desire all that is unknown.

Nevertheless, here's what to expect once Venus slides into structured Capricorn:

Venus In Capricorn: Feb. 3 - March 1, 2019

In Capricorn, Venus morphs into a sophisticated business woman, disciplined and ambitious in her ways. (TBH, this Venus gives me serious Miranda Priestly vibes.) If you really think about it, Capricorn makes decisions as if they were business deals (literally), and Venus in Capricorn does the same in regards to relationships and values.

During this transit, we are a lot more realistic when it comes to the people we welcome into our lives, whether it be romantically or platonically speaking. Venus in Capricorn asks us to consider our future goals before making a decision. Something else that's so typical Capricorn is that this transit disciplines us to work hard in order to obtain what we truly desire. For instance, you want a serious relationship? You better own your self-worth. You want to splurge on something fabulous? You better work for it, b*tch. BTW, that's Venus in Capricorn talking, not me.

Venus in Capricorn wants long-lasting relationships, so don't even think about stringing along that friend with benefits, especially if you're looking for something serious in the long run. Capricorn does not waste time, stargazers. Also, you might notice that what you once considered "beautiful," is suddenly not sophisticated enough, or perhaps "immature." Again, this is all Venus in Capricorn.

Naturally, the planet of love also plays a role in our artistic expression, and this disciplined transit could gift us with the ruthless determination we need, in order to build, design, and finish what we started. Remember, Venus in Capricorn doesn't do anything halfway. On the contrary, it wants to reach the top of the mountain and finish strong.

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