Venus ET Fleur's Zodiac Collection Just Dropped, & It's An Astrological Dream

by Valerie Mesa
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Two of the things I love most in this entire world — astrology and flowers — have officially collided, and my heart is bursting. Venus ET Fleur's zodiac collection by Astrology Zone founder Susan Miller launched today, and astrology enthusiasts will never be the same. If you're anything like me, then you're a true devotee of this OG astrology queen for so many reasons. Aside from her extensively written and eerily accurate horoscopes, there's no denying Miller is a true legend of our time. Combine her celestial magic with a little Venus ET Fleur luxury floral arrangement, and what do you get? My thoughts exactly.

The holiday season and a new year are on the horizon, which means it's the perfect opportunity to give the gift of renowned astrologer Susan Miller’s predictions for the year ahead. Perfectly adorned by the queen of the cosmos herself, Miller personally selected rose colors that best match the personality of each zodiac sign. Every arrangement comes with a booklet that speaks to the significance of the flower's shade, followed by a unique horoscope for 2020.

Venus ET Fleur Co-Founder Seema Bansal Chadha recently took to Instagram and shared a photo from her first meeting with Miller, which took place early in 2019. "From the moment we met Susan Miller of @astrologyzone I knew this would be one of my favorite collaborations as I’m obsessed with all things astrology," wrote Chadha.

Venus ET Fleur

Wondering what your zodiac-inspired arrangement looks like? Find your sign and rose color, compliments of Susan Miller, here:

  1. Aries: Red
  2. Taurus: Baby Blue
  3. Gemini: Champagne
  4. Cancer: Pearl
  5. Leo: Orange
  6. Virgo: Mint Green
  7. Libra: Pink
  8. Scorpio: Plum
  9. Sagittarius: Rainbow
  10. Capricorn: Lilac
  11. Aquarius: Hot Pink
  12. Pisces: Aqua

All 12 flower arrangements are accompanied by a personalized celestial booklet, featuring a horoscope for 2020, along with an overview on why the particular rose color was chosen.

Venus ET Fleur

As an astrologer myself, I can't tell you how accurate I believe Miller's words inside the booklet are. Take Gemini's, for example:

"You will always be associated with yellow, the color of bright freshly-squeezed juice you have in the morning, the yellow legal pads and pencils you use when brainstorming, and the yellow taxis you hail in New York when rushing to an appointment. Everything you do is fast, for as an air sign, you move like the wind."

That is why she chose the color champagne for the twins:

"Pale yellow champagne is a favorite choice for your celebrations — it is effervescent, just like you. At the time of your birth, bright yellow sunshine spills across mountains, lakes meadows and shiny cities. Friends say you are sunshine in a bottle, so it follows that you'd love the vibrant yellow color of your bouquet."

You can purchase your zodiac arrangement today at for $169. Trust me, it's so worth it, because Venus ET Fleur roses last longer than a year — no maintenance or watering required.

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