Vanessa Trump's Father's Day Message To Don Jr. Proves They've Got Priorities

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I have to admit, it really warms my heart to see a couple set their issues aside for the sake of their kids. Well, Vanessa Trump's Father's Day message to Donald Trump Jr., proves that even though they might not be together, they still know how to co-parent. Way to go you two.

On June 17, Vanessa Trump took to Twitter to share a sweet photo of Donald Trump Jr. posing with their five children: Kai Madison (11), Donald III (9), Tristan (6), Spencer (5), and Chloe (4). Along with the photo, Vanessa Trump added a sweet caption that's all about Donald Trump Jr.'s role as a father, and how lucky they are to be parents.

She wrote,

Happy Father’s Day times 5⁦ ⁦@DonaldJTrumpJr⁩! Hope you had an incredible day with our kiddies!

Well, isn't that nice. Even though the couple called it quits in March after Page Six reported that the two were having "marital problems," it's nice to see that they aren't letting that affect their relationships with their children. Following reports that the two were divorcing, Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. released a joint statement to Elite Daily confirming that it was true.

The statement read,

After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.

I must say, it looks like the couple are holding true to their statement.

To celebrate his special day, Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram to share a few glimpses into his and his children's plans, which included a day at the Trump National Golf Course in Westchester, NY. Perhaps this might not be the most exciting experience for a group of young kids, but judging from these photos it looks like the family found a way to make it a total blast. In his Instagram post, Don Jr. describes the day as "nice and friendly" at first, but eventually things started getting rowdy.

He wrote,

It started off all nice and friendly then the bottom fell out!!! Only my little monsters will turn a great fam pic into a wrestling match. We had an awesome Father’s Day. #fathersday#family#weekend#familytime#wrestling

There's nothing like a classic dog pile to really lighten up a man's special day. In addition to the Instagram post, Don. Jr. also posted on his Instagram story a photo of homemade cards his children made for him for Father's Day, and I have to hold myself back from audibly weeping.

Don. Jr. might be a part of the most controversial family in history, but it looks like he's pushing all that drama aside to spend time with his children. I'm not exaggerating when I say that his Instagram is actually filled with photos of him and his children, and it's super heartwarming.

Don. Jr. and Vanessa Trump officially confirmed their divorce in March, and since the eldest Trump son has apparently started dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. You would think that as his ex-wife, Vanessa Trump might be upset about the situation, but in reality she actually defended their relationship via Twitter and came to Guilfoyle's defense from haters. On June 12, The New York Daily News claimed that FOX network should fire Guilfoyle because of her romantic involvement with Donald Trump Jr., and also chastised her "making foolish choices." However, once this report came out, Vanessa Trump made it a point to clap back at those trying to start drama.

She wrote,

The lengths people will go to attack a woman simply because she’s dating Don. We’ve been separated for over 9 months and respect each other’s decisions & privacy. We’ll focus on raising our great kids. Would be nice if the press did the same rather than obsess over our pvt lives!

Say what you want about the Trump family, but you have to admit these two have their parenting priorities in check.