Ken Jeong Created A Rehydration Kit That You're Gonna Need This Summer

Courtesy Of V8

There's no denying that summer is — hands down — the greatest time of year. The warm weather makes way for gorgeous hikes, fun days at the beach, and — of course — lots of darties (aka day parties). However, most people (especially pasty folk like myself) are painfully aware of how unforgiving the heat can be — the sun can lead to painful sunburn and sun poisoning, and between the heat (and possible day drinking, if you're of legal age) it can also lead to dehydration. So, to ensure you are totally prepared for all that, V8 and Ken Jeong's Emergency Rehydration Kit is definitely what you will need in order to combat that aggressive summer sun.

You're probably somewhat familiar with Dr. Ken Jeong from The Hangover. (You know, the iconic scene when he popped out of the trunk naked?) But what you might not know is that he is a licensed (but not practicing) doctor, who recently became interested in conducting rehydration experiments to honor The Hangover's 10-year anniversary. According to V8, at the "Center For Hangover Research," Jeong tested pickle juice, applesauce, electricity, and more, on millennials (ages 21 and up) who needed a lil' rehydration, according to the brand. And from a medical standpoint, they, well, weren't totally valid. But nevertheless, he persisted, and the tests inspired the world’s first Dr. Ken-approved Emergency Rehydration Kit. TBH, as soon as they're released on May 30, I'm getting one for myself.

The Dr. Ken-approved Emergency Rehydration Kit, according to the brand, will include a "Rainforest Soundz CD," a neck support pillow, a pair of sunglasses, a hydrating face mask, an eco-friendly straw, a can of V8 +HYDRATE, and more goodies. Basically, it's a relaxation kit after you've had a long day of anything you might be doing this summer. Anyway, if you would like one of these for yourself for free, make sure to visit the Dr. Ken Approved website and enter your personal info to potentially win a limited edition kit for yourself. Keep in mind that they're only available while supplies lasts, though, so you'd better get yours ASAP.

On a slightly more serious note, you run the risk of becoming severely dehydrated in the summer because you're constantly sweating (even if you don't feel yourself sweating), and there are a bunch of ways to tell if you need a little extra H20. You might feel exhausted, have dry eyes, or your digestive system may be affected, making you constipated. Heck, dehydration even affects your ability to fall asleep. Bottom line: Staying hydrated is legitimately important, so in addition to snagging an Emergency Rehydration Kit, buy a reusable water bottle — it'll totally come in handy.

Whether you're out all day gettin' physical or if you're simply partying the day away like Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, there's no doubt in my mind that Dr. Ken Jeong's Rehydration Kit will come in clutch at some point or another. Make sure to enter to win as soon as you can — quantities are limited and those babies will be in high demand.