V, RM, and J-Hope's quotes about BTS' new album visuals have ARMYs really excited about what's to co...

V, RM, & J-Hope Livestreamed Their Meeting About Album Visuals & Their Ideas Are LIT


If you ever wanted to know what BTS talks about at group meetings, their latest YouTube live will give you the answer. On Thursday, May 7, V, RM, and J-Hope streamed themselves discussing important details regarding their next album. While the members have always participated on the production side of their music, they're now getting involved more than ever before with their album process. V, RM, and J-Hope's quotes about BTS' new album visuals have ARMYs really excited about what's to come.

Since he's BTS' leader, it's no surprise RM was the one who first announced the group is working on their next album. RM shared the news during an April 17 livestream and fans were taken aback since BTS had just dropped their Map of The Soul: 7 album two months prior on Feb. 21.

After that, the other members began streaming themselves sharing their involvement with the album process with fans. One of the most important details they've revealed is the members will each have an important role in their album's creation. Thanks to V, RM, and J-Hope's latest livestream, fans have gotten details about their plans for the album's visuals.

In the meeting, "RM suggest[ed] that just like V had taken photos of the members on their strawberry adventure, perhaps he could take photos via Polaroid or otherwise and collage them," according to a fan translation by @doyou_bangtan.

To capture a casual look, RM said the members could wear overalls with beanies and J-Hope suggested they bring their own clothes and do everyday activities in their photoshoot, like brushing their teeth and playing games on the computer. J-Hope suggested they bring a karaoke machine and jump around singing, while RM liked the idea of centering the photos around specific concepts, like "J-Hope as a uni student" or "going to work."

As for V, he wants the photos to be captured with a film camera in order to have a unique aesthetic. "Since the members would take multiple photos of the same movement, they could show the process of someone becoming more blurry," V suggested, according to a fan translation. He also added he would like Jungkook to film the members doing their photoshoot so they can share the moment with fans.

Watch the trio's full livestream below.

BTS has a lot of ideas and it will only be a matter of time before they settle on one and share it with fans.