UV Vodka Just Launched Sparkling Canned Cocktails In Flavors Like Pink Lemonade

Courtesy Of UV Vodka

Whether your alcoholic beverage of choice is a vodka soda, a cranberry vodka, or if it's simply a shot (LOL), you've most likely come across the ever-popular brand called UV Vodka. And while the beverage company is best known for its wide variety of flavors, it's totally upping the ante with a brand new line of ready-to-drink (RTD) canned drinks. So, if you're down to sip from UV Vodka's UVGO sparkling cocktail cans this summer, they come in four of your favorite flavors, and each one of them is absolutely perfect for welcoming the warm weather.

UV Vodka is completely changing the RTD cocktail category, with the introduction of a new canned drink called UVGO. According to the press release, UVGO is a sparkling beverage that boasts a moderate ABV of 5%. The best part, however, is that it comes in four of your all-time favorite flavors which are packed with all-natural ingredients, according to the press release. Choosing just one will be nearly impossible.

UVGO Blue Raspberry is subtly sweet, drowning your tastebuds in a splash of fresh raspberries, according to the website. If you need a little pick-me-up this summer, Blue Raspberry is bound to be a solid option... regardless if "blue raspberries" don't actually exist.

UV Vodka

Next up is Lemon Lime, which the UV Vodka website simply describes as tangy and citrusy. Try using it as a mixer, or sip it all on its own. Either way, it's bound to be delicious.

UV Vodka

Then comes Black Cherry, which the website describes as crisp, tasting "fresh off the cherry tree." Maybe try pairing it with chocolate, a cheeseboard, or some ice cream. Between you and me, that sounds like my kind of night.

UV Vodka

Finally, there's Pink Lemonade, which the website describes as "effervescent" and super sparkly. Sounds like a total glow-up from the traditional summer sip, if you ask me.

UV Vodka

If you're already getting stoked to try these for yourself, you'll be happy to know a pack of four will be sold at national retailers like Total Wine and Target by the end of May, according to the press release. Each will cost $9.99 per four-pack, meaning each cocktail will come out to about $2.50. What a bargain.

In the press release, Mike Duggan, the CEO of Phillips Distilling Company said consumers most often seek out convenience. So, they figured something like UVGO would be seriously stellar for fulfilling that.

According to the press release, Duggan said:

Our consumers want great tasting, convenient options to satisfy their busy lifestyles. Now they can have flavorful, grab-and-go cocktails that are ready for anything.

Regardless if you're heading to your BFF's garden party or if you're simply looking for something to sip on after work, UVGO is a solid option for any and all summer festivities. And if you're throwing your own party, check out these tips for planning a spring or summer banger — by sending out early invites, reserving a space, and (most importantly) planning out the drink menu. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be a party that nobody will forget.