An Expert Explains Why Swiping On Dating Apps Over Thanksgiving Can Feel So Funny

In between meals, schmoozing with your family members that keeps asking you when you're going to get married and have kids, and helping clean and cook, you may want to be using dating apps on Thanksgiving to help distract you from all of the chaos happening. The fun "game" of swiping can serve as a fun interruption from hosting duties or trying to make small talk with everyone. However, it may feel weird to be on dating apps while you're surrounded by family members who keep interrogating you about your love life.

I reached out to April Masini, relationship advice expert, to explain why you may feel a little uncomfortable about swiping on dating apps with your family around.

"It feels awkward to swipe on dating apps when you’re home for Thanksgiving because it’s that rare confluence of you and your sexuality — in your parents' home," Masini tells Elite Daily about people who are visiting home during the holidays and not used to swiping with family members around. "If you feel uncomfortable or find yourself hiding your swiping behavior when you’re home for Thanksgiving, it’s because you feel that this swiping and dating app business is slightly sexual in nature and private. You’re not wrong."

Even if you're swiping in secret during the holiday, it's still possible you may find someone you're interested in. It's also possible it could be someone you know from high school or from growing up in the area.

"If you want to connect with that person, this is kind of a great entryway to reach out," she says. "You can do so on the dating app if you’re interested in that person romantically — or you can look them up outside of the dating app and mention that you saw them there."

You could set up a post-Thanksgiving meal drink or even a Black Friday shopping date. Meeting up while you're both home could be a good chance to catch up, and who knows? It could even grow into something beyond that one date.

But keep in mind that finding a relationship on dating apps during Thanksgiving isn't going to be everyone's prerogative, so don't set your hopes too high.

"Remember that unless you establish that you both want something long distance, and you’re not local to the area, this is probably going to be a fling," Masini says. "Out-of-town hook ups are what they are — just make sure you’re both on the same page about what’s going on, so you don’t get hurt or hurt someone else."

Even though it may feel a little strange to be swiping when you're around family, you gotta do what you gotta do. If you want that Thanksgiving break hookup, or even are just curious to see what people from the area are up to, you're totally allowed to do that. As long as you're respectful to the hosts of your meal, don't bail out too early (who would want to miss pumpkin pie anyway), and spend enough time with family from out of town, you're free to swipe as much as you damn well want to!