Winter Is Already Here, But An Urban Decay x 'Game Of Thrones' Makeup Collab Is Still Coming

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of HBO

With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones airing in April, what better way to send off the popular TV show than with a makeup collection? On Friday, Feb. 22, Urban Decay posted two teaser posts to on Instagram revealing that an Urban Decay x Game of Thrones makeup collection would be dropping in April, likely right around the same time as the season premiere.

In the first post, the brand posted a close-up image of a model's face sporting fierce teal, icy blue, and white-frosted eye makeup, along with the caption, "WE ARE READY ⚔️ #FORTHETHRONE#URBANDECAY@gameofthrones." The second post is a video with an intro showing fire and snow and ends with a blonde-haired, fair-skinned model rocking metallic copper eye makeup and lips. The caption of this post reads, "Worlds will collide 🔥❄️#FORTHETHRONE#URBANDECAY@gameofthrones."

While both posts are a bit cryptic, with little insight as to what products might be included in the collab (other than the obvious, eye makeup), what I can derive is that the collection will likely be made up of multiple products inspired by the show's epic medieval fantasy storyline. Basically, I'm willing to bet that the hues used for each product will take a bit of inspiration from the show's famed clashes of fire and ice.

Judging by the first post, I'd guess we can expect a richly pigmented eyeshadow palette with cooler shades of blues. Then, judging by the second post, I think it's safe to say that either that same palette will include warm shades of reds and golds, or there might be two smaller palettes in the collection. Needless to say, if any eyeshadows potentially included in the collection are anything like the ones we know and love from Urban Decay, they'll be extremely blendable, highly-pigmented, have little fall-out, and boast a high color payoff — all qualities that only the best eyeshadow palettes have.

As far as any other products in the collection, I'd say we can expect some intense, maybe even metallic lip colors, and perhaps even an icy, frosted highlighter, inspired by, of course, ~winter~.

According to Bustle, a press release by Urban Decay didn't exactly offer a wealth of information on the new line. "We’ve partnered with HBO to create the Urban Decay | Game of Thrones collection, inspired by our favorite places in Westeros and the strong women of the Seven Kingdoms," read the release. "We are excited for this partnership and look forward to sharing more details in the coming months." Short, to the point, and frustratingly leaving me on the edge of my seat in anticipation of more details surrounding the launch.

Last month, HBO revealed that Season 8 of GoT will air on Sunday, April 14, and viewership is expected to be even higher than Season 7's record-breaking views, so I'm sure that this new makeup collection will be equally as successful. That being said, if you want in on the Khaleesi and Sansa Stark-inspired makeup collection, I suggest keeping your eyes glued to Urban Decay's Instagram page for more details.