Universal Yum's October 2019 Box for Halloween with international candy

This Halloween Box Features Candies From 6 Different Countries

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Universal Yums

Halloween is quickly approaching, so if you haven't already stocked up on your stash of sweets, now's the time. This year, why not try out some new goodies in addition to your faves? The easiest way is to get a Universal Yums Halloween Box, where you'll be able to sample popular candies from different parts of the world. Universal Yum's October 2019 Halloween Box features candies that'll make seasonal festivities an international affair.

The Universal Yums Halloween Box is seriously a life changing idea. It's as if you're globe trotting and sampling the best treats from different countries — all from the comfort your own home. It'll feel like Christmas came early as you unbox the package, which has a beautiful display that's made for sharing with your party guests. There are six different compartments filled with candies from six different countries: Colombia, Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Spain, and Greece.

I'd start off your sampling tour with the The Orange Chocolate Toffee from Spain, which is described as "an orange Tootsie Roll." The fruity twist will undoubtedly pair well with the rich chocolate in true Mediterranean fashion. Then, there's the Milk Chocolate Wafer, which is apparently like a "Greek Kit-Kat" and is uber popular with the locals. Wafers were even invented in Greece, so you'll be biting into a piece of history with this nugget. Ukraine has a Creamy Toffee which is filled with milk. According to Universal Yums, locals have a saying which I can totally get behind: "The more milk the better." Of course, one mustn't forget about the culinary capital of Europe before leaving the continent: Italy. The boot-shaped country is represented with its Chocolate with Strawberry Pop Rocks. Filled with "volcanic strawberry," you'll want to watch out as the explosive pop rocks burst in your mouth (don't say I didn't warn you). Similarly, for serious candy-lovers looking for a challenge, Colombia has Grape Chews "with Super Sour Powder." The "intense burst of sour grape flavor" will pack a punch in your mouth. To end your world trip, catch the island flavors of Thailand with their Pineapple Hard Candy. It has a salty filling that'll surely give the sweet pineapple a nice balance.

Courtesy of Universal Yums

If you're ready to get a taste of the world's best candies, you can get your very own box on the Universal Yums website for just $39. Don't forget that this is also an excellent gift idea if you've got any friends and family who have a sweet tooth. If you're interested in continuing to get international snacks and foods delivered to your home every month beyond Halloween, I'd consider signing up for a subscription at Universal Yums — from there, you'll automatically receive a box each month until you cancel. There are different boxes you can choose from: The Yum Box, which starts at $14 and includes 6+ plus snacks; the Yum Yum Box, which starts at $23 and includes 12+ snacks; and the Super Yum Box, which starts at $36 and includes 20+ snacks. The Super Yum Box seems like a great deal, since you get more than triple the snacks of the Yum Box for only $10 more, but obviously sign up for the box that fits your snacking needs. Inside the box, you'll also get a full description of each of the candies and a booklet with trivia and games to along with a sweet snack sesh.

So, what are you waiting for? Start kicking off the monthlong Halloween celebrations with the flavors of the world, because the big day only comes once a year.