These PJs Are Designed To Relieve Sore Muscles While You Sleep, So Say Goodbye To Rest Days

by Georgina Berbari

Feeling sore after a tough workout can feel rewarding AF, but it can also be super uncomfortable, low-key feel like you're dying, and last way longer than you planned. You feel like your muscles are permanently stiff and tense as hell, and no matter how much foam-rolling or stretching you do, you simply have to wait it out until your body decides to not feel achy anymore. Personally, I'd love to just wake up the day after a workout and magically feel no pain or soreness. Thanks to Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Henley Sleepwear, my dreams might just become a reality.

Look, I won't lie to you: At first I was skeptical AF about this product. Like, how the hell can a pair of pajamas have the power to repair your muscles while you sleep? It's too good to be true, right?

But it is, indeed, true! Under Armour recently collaborated with Tom Brady to create this super high-tech sleepwear that reduces inflammation, pain, and muscle stiffness while you snooze — side effects that we all know are basically inevitable after you slay a solid leg day at the gym.

Under Armour's secret lies in the bioceramic print lining within these magical PJs, which works to help muscles recover and promotes better sleep.

Under Armour

Women's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, $56, Under Armour

Bioceramics are a mix of powdered ceramics and mineral oxides that essentially absorb the natural heat your body gives off, and reflect it back in the form of Far Infrared (FIR) rays, which are then absorbed by your skin.

I know your head is probably spinning with all of this technical jargon, but rest assured, all you really need to know is that the advanced sleep system that these PJs were designed with is meant to help you care for your hard-working body in the most innovative and easiest way possible. I mean, the hard work is all done for you while you sleep — what could be easier?

Anyone who's into doing intense workouts like deadlifts, burpees, and planks on the reg will absolutely swoon over the fact that they won't have to groan over the soreness factor for days after. (Plus, everyone around them will be pretty happy that they're not complaining about their achy muscles 24/7 anymore, right?)

Even if you're not someone who does intense workouts all the time, getting restful sleep is pretty damn crucial for any healthy and/or active lifestyle. According to LIVESTRONG, when you make a good night's sleep a priority, your pituitary gland releases growth hormones, which help tremendously with muscle repair. But, if you're constantly tossing and turning at night, growth hormone secretion declines, and you're left feeling sore for much longer than you'd like.

OK, post-workout Under Armour PJ slumber party at my house — everyone's invited.

Seriously though, with the holidays approaching, this high-tech sleepwear would make an amazing gift for anyone.

Like I said, no one scoffs at the idea of getting better, deeper, and longer nights of sleep. And remember those fancy Far Infrared rays I was talking about before? Well, a 2012 study showed that sleeping environments would vastly benefit from mattresses and bedding that are designed to emit those exact rays.

So, if you're gifting your BFF a set of these lightweight, comfortable, high-tech PJs that will literally emit those soothing, sleepy rays right into her skin while she snoozes, it's safe to say that she'll love you forever. Is there really any better present than the gift of sleep? I don't think so, guys.

Ugh, I always knew I loved Tom Brady. What a gem.