Tyler Cameron Said Gigi Hadid Will Be An Incredible Mother & It’s Peak Supportive Ex

by Daffany Chan
John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid is having a baby, and her ex Tyler Cameron has only positive words for the mother-to-be. The former Bachelorette star got candid about his ex-girlfriend's next step in a recent interview. Check out Tyler Cameron's quote about Gigi Hadid becoming a mother because it's so supportive.

In an interview on ESPN West Palm, Cameron chatted about Hadid's upcoming first child with boyfriend Zayn Malik and how he heard the news. He explained, "Two nights ago, we were celebrating my brother's graduation party. We were doing karaoke. Next thing you know, Us Weekly is writing about me drowning my sorrows away because of the news about Gigi Hadid." Cameron went on to set the facts straight, singing praises for his ex-girlfriend. "If anything, I am excited for her, I am happy for her," he said. "She is going to be an incredible mother."

When asked if he was the father of the child, he replied, "No, no. But [Gigi] is going to be the most incredible mother. She's a caring, sweet person and she's going to be amazing."

Hadid confirmed her pregnancy during a virtual episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on April 29. “We wish we could’ve announced it on our own terms," she said, "but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support."

During the interview, Hadid also shared a story about her 25th birthday on April 23, revealing her biggest pregnancy craving. "In the morning, my family brought out an everything bagel cake," the model said. "[It] already blew my mind, because my cravings have been everything bagels." Hadid explained that she even eats a bagel everyday. The model went on, "I was already like so excited that my birthday cake was an everything bagel. But then, I found out that Buddy, The Cake Boss, had made my cake." The decadent marble cake was decorated to look like an everything bagel, featuring chocolate buttercream and chocolate chip buttercream on the inside.

Hadid is enjoying her time with her family as she quarantines at home and experiences her pregnancy. "Especially during this time — it’s a nice silver lining to be able to be home and together and really experience it," she told Fallon. Thankfully, it sounds like Hadid won't have to worry about any hate from her exes, because Cameron had only the nicest things to say.