Tyler C. & Stassie Karanikolaou's Astrological Compatibility Is A Breeze

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When Hannah Brown passed on Tyler Cameron to accept a proposal from Jed Wyatt on the Season 15 finale of The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation was shook. But what was Hannah’s loss looks like it might just be Instagram model and Kylie Jenner bestie Stassie Karanikolaou’s gain. Karanikolaou and Cameron have been spotted getting up close and personal not once, but twice recently. And of course, if things are in fact heating up between them, Tyler Cameron and Stassie Karanikolaou's super hot astrological compatibility makes perfect sense.

After first making headlines with a reported nightclub flirt session back in November 2019, the two were spotted together again on New Year’s Eve in Miami, according to Us Weekly. “They are keeping things casual, but Tyler really likes Stassie,” a source reportedly told Us Weekly. “And he thinks she’s gorgeous.” The same source reportedly added that Cameron wants to keep seeing Karanikolaou and see where things go between them.

While neither party has verbally confirmed their relationship status, their astrological compatibility can offer some insight into what their dynamic might be like if they were to make it official. Lucky for these two, the stars say they're basically celestial soulmates.

Cameron was born on Jan. 31, 1993, under the sign of Aquarius, and Karanikolaou’s birthday is June 9, 1997, which makes her a Gemini. Due to their intellectual personalities, both of these air signs have probably struggled to find partners who can both hold their attention long-term, and truly understand them as a person. But when Aquarians and Geminis get together, they can feel like they're coming home.

Here’s what we can divine about Cameron and Karanikolaou’s connection based on their zodiac compatibility.

They Share An Intense Sexual Chemistry.

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When Aquarius and Gemini flirt, the chemistry between them is electric. Both signs are highly intellectual and witty, and love to spar with someone who can keep up. Their minds are their ultimate erogenous zones, so they can become very aroused and intrigued by anyone who appeals to them intellectually. Aquarius is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with revolutionary vision, and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which gives them the powerful skill of communication. As such, it doesn’t take long for these two to move the conversation into the bedroom, or the nearest place they can find a little privacy.

They Truly Get One Another.

Aquarius tends to be a very unique individual. They see the world through a different, quirky lens, which can make it difficult for them to feel understood by others. Gemini is fascinated by and curious about people, and in Aquarius, they find an intriguing mystery they’re excited to explore. These qualities enable these signs to want get to know one another on a deep and powerful level. They truly understand each other, and they like what they see.

An Emotional Connection Might Be Challenging To Foster.

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While Aquarius and Gemini are highly compatible in almost every way, there’s one area where these two highly intellectual signs can struggle, and that’s around emotional connection. Both signs can be drawn to one another’s minds, but their rational natures can sometimes stamp out the passion between them. It helps for one or both parties to have a more emotional rising sign, like Cancer or Taurus, to help balance out their occasional coldness.

Even though Cameron and Karanikolaou haven't confirmed their relationship status, it's safe to say the stars are aligned for them to have a happy ending if they do decide to DTR. Here's hoping this match made in astrological heaven continues!

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